Superb PDF Viewer and Editor

Read, annotate, sign, fill out PDFs with ease and joy.

PDF Expert 5 is an essential application to store, read, annotate and sign PDFs. Highlight, strike out, draw with your finger or make your notes! Filling out PDF forms is a breeze. Smart zoom and intelligent snapping makes it easier to edit PDFs the way you want it. Sepia mode, text to speech an other helpful features create a great reading experience.

Beautiful Design with a Powerful Soul

When powerful functionality is wrapped into gorgeous design.

We carefully applied iOS 7 design philosophy to PDF Expert 5. It looks great, feels
remarkably polished, with even minor details taken care of. User documents are always
central to the app, however, all tools and functions you need are just one tap away.

Indispensable File Manager

Get any files from all sources and
view them.

PDF Expert 5 is a great tool to get and store all your file from multiple sources such as online services (Dropbox, Google Drive), e-mail attachments or even local files on your desktop. Color tags, Drag&Drop and Favorites makes it easier store and categorize your files, movies, music and pictures.

Unique PDF Review Mode

Edit your PDFs with a MS Word like Review Mode.

Revolutionary mode that allows you to edit and review PDFs. Simply select a passage
you want to edit and remove or add text. Preview mode allows you to see the final
version of an edited document. All text modifications are standard PDF annotations
that do not affect text in the PDF itself.