Calendars 5 now understands French, Spanish and Italian (RT to win 5 promo codes)

By Readdle 15 April, 2014

The latest update of our popular Calendars 5 brings numerous improvements and even new languages! Now Calendars 5 (and it’s free counterpart Calendars) support natural language input in Italian, French and Spanish (Hello goes to our European friends!). Moreover, the updated the iPad UI here and there, so the app feels more slick and solid. The iPhone version now supports custom event reminders. If you are not familiar with Calendars 5 yet, it is a smart and advanced calendar client for your iPhone and iPad that syncs with iCal and Google calendars. Its design, user experience and smart input make… Read more



Readdle at Macworld iWorld 2014 (50 passes giveaway)

By Readdle 24 March, 2014

This week our team will be a part of the legendary event called Macworld iWorld. We have a stand #9 at Appalooza section, so come say “hi” if you are around. Also, we are giving away 50 free passes for the expo. 7 years ago Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone at Macworld. Since then, the conference attracted 25-30k visitors annually, even with no Apple in the house. Macworld iWorld is a great event to meet everyone from the iOS ecosystem – developers, press, customers. It also brings people who don’t even have Apple devices, but they find it interesting… Read more



Documents 5 is Live!

By Readdle 27 February, 2014

The wait is finally over! Documents 5 is now available on the App Store as a free download for your iPhone and iPad. It is updated sharp design, new powerful features and revolutionary “add-ons”. If you are not familiar with Documents yet, it is a powerful file manager, media player and document viewer which is the best of its class on iOS (that might sound a bit biased but that’s the reality we live in). So imagine that you have a Finder or a file manager on your iPhone that syncs all your files, allows you to download stuff via… Read more



Documents 5 Will Create an Interconnected Ecosystem of iOS Apps

By Readdle 26 February, 2014

Tomorrow we are going to launch Documents 5. It will become a hub of interconnected iOS apps that work with each other. Apart from that, Documents 5 will get a great new look and new powerful features. For those who don’t know, Documents is a file manager, document viewer and media player for iPhone and iPad. More than 3 million people are using the original version that was launched one year ago. The main goal for us is to create an ecosystem of apps that will make it easier for you to work or have fun with iOS devices. We… Read more



Calendars 5 adds the biggest update (share to win 5 promo codes)

By Readdle 22 January, 2014

Today we release Calendars 5.3, the biggest update yet. It’s focused on scheduling meetings, inviting people to events and replying to invitations from others. These activities are very important for any person who uses Calendars at work. Calendars 5.3 does not simply add an ability to invite people, it makes this process as natural as possible. We believe that among mobile application Calendars 5 has the most intuitive system for inviting other people to events. Just type “Meet with Ben Roberts” and the application will automatically suggest you to invite Ben Roberts and send an invitation to his email address… Read more



Do you want ALL Readdle apps?

By Readdle 8 January, 2014

Hello guys! We are excited to announce a new initiative that will reward our creative fans! 5 people will get promo codes for all Readdle apps! All you need to do is to make a great video review of Scanner Pro. So here is how you can win: Make a video review. Just show us how you use the product. What you like (or even dislike about it). What are the most common use cases? Add some creativity and personal touch. You can do it in your native language. Share the review on your social networks. Let your friends watch… Read more



Scanner Pro is free for a limited time with Apple’s “App of the Week”

By Readdle 2 January, 2014

That’s right, Apple has picked Scanner Pro to be the App of the Week starting January 2nd – 9th. In other words, the best document scanning app that usually costs $6.99 becomes free! That’s should be enough to start downloading Scanner Pro right now. But read further while downloading. Scanner Pro, in fact, has created the whole segment of document scanning apps. Launched in 2009, it instantly became #1 business app in more than 20 countries and stayed there for over 1.5 years. This is what people said about it: “Readdle’s Scanner Pro, $7 on iOS, is perhaps the best app… Read more



Printer Pro gets an update! (10 promo codes giveaway)

By Readdle 2 January, 2014

If you are not familiar with Printer Pro yet, you are missing out! Printer Pro for iPhone and for iPad is a robust app that helps you to print anything from your mobile device directly to your printer. Printer Pro by Readdle from Readdle Inc. on Vimeo. Print: – E-mail attachments – Work Documents – Web pages – Files from Dropbox and Google Drive – Photos – Clipboard content – Contacts – Files from other apps The latest update improves stability, adds new supported printer and fixes dozens of small things! Now it’s even more reliable and and stable! How… Read more



Black Friday 50% Sale for all Readdle apps + 5 promo codes for Scanner Pro (RT to Win)

By Readdle 29 November, 2013

Black Friday is here! This means that we have another excuse to make our premium apps more affordable for everyone! We don’t usually do big sales and discounts, but today is an exception! You can get all Readdle apps with 50% off! Don’t miss this opportunity, since it happens twice a year. So, we’ve got our best apps ready to be picked up from the App Store! Calendars 5 This is a great, smart calendar for your iPhone and iPad! It undertands your language and integrates with iOS Reminders. Simply write “Meet Jim tomorrow at 5:40″ and Calendars 5 will… Read more



Announcing PDF Expert 5

By Readdle 20 November, 2013

Hello everyone! Finally, we can show you our upcoming PDF Expert 5, which will be the biggest launch this year! What is PDF Expert 5 PDF Expert 5 is a major upgrade for every person who reads, annotates or edits PDF documents on the iPad. What makes PDF Expert 5 great: I. Clean, flat and razor sharp design. We carefully applied iOS 7 design philosophy to PDF Expert 5. The application fits the new iPad perfectly! It looks great, feels remarkably polished, with even minor details taken care of. We created a unique balance between interface design and the content… Read more