Announcing PDF Expert 5

20 November, 2013

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Hello everyone!
Finally, we can show you our upcoming PDF Expert 5, which will be the biggest launch this year!


What is PDF Expert 5
PDF Expert 5 is a major upgrade for every person who reads, annotates or edits PDF documents on the iPad.

What makes PDF Expert 5 great:

I. Clean, flat and razor sharp design.
We carefully applied iOS 7 design philosophy to PDF Expert 5. The application fits the new iPad perfectly! It looks great, feels remarkably polished, with even minor details taken care of.

photo 1

We created a unique balance between interface design and the content in PDF Expert 5. User documents are always central to the app, however, all tools and functions you need are just one tap away.

Despite light iOS 7 style, PDF Expert 5 has a distinctive personality because of its signature red navigation bar and vertical layout. It instantly feels familiar to both old users and new customers. The minute you open the app, you recognise PDF Expert.

II. Completely new file manager.
PDF Expert 5 works with PDF files that are stored on the iPad. This is the reason why file management has been such an integral part of PDF Expert for years.

photo 2

Drag & Drop Files, anywhere. Move files and folders with your finger to any destination: to the parent folder, to subfolders, combine with other files to create a separate folder. You can even drag the files directly to dropbox or iCloud to upload them to your accounts.

Favorites. PDF Expert 5 allows you stack frequently opened documents and folders on a sidebar for instant, one-tap access. This will speed up your ability to access most-used files.

Color Tags. The ability to attach color tags to files and folders, first seen in Mac OS X, now comes to the iPad. Prioritize or simply give your documents a unique look.

Background Downloads. Downloading documents from online services like Dropbox now doesn’t lock UI. You can read and edit documents while downloading something from the cloud.

Windows Shares (SMB) support. Windows Shares are now accessible in PDF Expert. You can connect to shared folders on your Windows computer and sync files between your iPad and PC.

III. Completely new PDF Viewer
PDF viewer is where people spend most their time in PDF Expert. This is the most important part of our product and even smallest changes here may make or break someone’s day.

photo 3

The best thing about the new PDF viewer is that it has less interface. It doesn’t compete for attention with the content, but at the same time it packs even more tools that can be accessed in equal or less time than before.

Full screen annotations. Hide every single interface element on the screen, leaving only your annotation toolbar that takes a lot less space on the screen. This gives you more space on the document that you annotate in full-screen mode.

Smart Zoom. Making notes on margins or drawing a detailed picture is now easy with a smart zoom. Select pen or marker tool, then pinch to zoom to turn it on.

Reading Mode. PDF Expert 5 has everything to make your reading experience as pleasant as possible. You can turn on Night or Sepia mode, adjust brightness, use Crop mode to remove unnecessary document margins automatically. Page scroll is now available in horizontal and vertical way, you choose!

AirDrop. Easily share documents with other iOS users over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth via secure peer-to-peer connection. The latest and greatest function of iOS 7 now available in PDF Expert.

Snapping and Guides. When you are using shapes to draw something, smart guides will help you to align squares, circles and lines with other objects on the page. So that making simple technical drawings and schemes is so much easier now.

IV. Audiobook Mode (Text To Speech)
Now you can listen to ebooks or audio files on the road or simply when you don’t feel like reading. PDF Expert 5 intellegently processes PDF books and uses iOS 7 text to speech API to read them aloud. Navigate back and forth between pages in your book and even use PDF outline to switch between chapters.

V. Review Mode
And one more thing. PDF Expert 5 introduces a new, revolutionary feature with no competition even among desktop PDF viewers, including Adobe Reader. Please meet Review Mode! This is the biggest innovation in PDF annotation since highlights and text markups.
Many of you are familiar with reviewing documents in MS Word, when you edit someone else’s text and your changes are shown next to the original text. It’s an amazing tool to work on an article with your editor, or on an agreement with your partner, or on homework with team members.

photo 4

The PDF Review Mode allows you to markup PDF documents exactly the same way. Just tap anywhere on the text where you need changes and correct it in the text editor.

The text that you delete is marked as removed while everything you add is shown as new text in different colors. You can switch from Markups to Preview any time to see the text as it should be read.

All your modifications are standard PDF annotations that do not affect text in the PDF itself, which is very important. You can even edit them in any decent PDF reader on your computer. However, why would you do this since Review Mode represents your edits in so much superior way?

So everyone who wants to review something in PDF format, rejoice! Now you have MS Word-like document review process for PDFs.

Pricing and availability
PDF Expert 5 will be available on the App Store as a new app for $9.99. It supports iOS 6 and iOS 7 and runs on the iPad 2, iPad Mini and any retina iPad.

For all people who purchased PDF Expert before: PDF Expert 4.7.2 is a great product you bought. It can annotate documents, fill-in forms and do many other things with your PDF files. It is fully compatible with iOS 7 and we will maintain it for the next year.
PDF Expert 5 is an optional upgrade and I think that the new powerful features, iOS 7 design and one year of our hard work makes it a worthwhile purchase.

Thank you and enjoy PDF Expert 5!

P.S. The launch date is set for the first week of December. We are giving pre-launch access to media, bloggers and press before the official release. Please, reach us at pr@readdle.com.


#FreePDFExpert for iPhone (updated)

24 September, 2013

PDF Expert


You have a great opportunity to make PDF Expert for iPhone FREE. Usually it costs $9.99, but if we reach 1000 tweets with #FreePDFExpert hashtag by Sept 28, we promise to make it free for a few days.

PDF Expert is a powerful app to view, read and annotate PDFs on your iPhone. You can also use it to fill out PDF forms and even sign documents.

What you need to do:
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If we reach 1000 tweets before September 28, PDF Expert for the iPhone will become FREE for 2 days. So let’s do it! Tweet and ask your friends to do the same! It’s in your hands to make it happen!

We will keep this post updated in order to show the actual number of tweets.

Although we didn’t reach the amount of tweets, we are still making PDF Expert free for one day


PDF Expert for iPhone gets iOS 7 compatibility, iCloud support and more.

16 September, 2013

PDF Expert

Meet PDF Expert for iPhone 4.7, which now runs on iOS 7 and adds new features!

iCloud sync
Now you can save your documents to iCloud for automatic sync between the iPhone and iPad.

New image viewer
Browse quickly through your photos with swipes or using image previews.

Drag & drop files
Now you can move files and folders using Drag & Drop.

The update is free for all existing users of PDF Expert for iPhone.
You can download it here.


PDF Expert and Huddle – empowering the mobile workforce

23 August, 2013

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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve integrated Huddle into PDF Expert Enterprise, making it easy for Huddle’s business users to access their content, annotate PDF documents, make notes, and fill in PDF forms directly from their iPads!

Huddle is a next generation content collaboration platform for the enterprise, allowing teams or entire organizations to work together wherever they are, and on whatever device they’re using. Huddle makes it simple to create workspaces to share and collaborate on all types of files, manage versions, and track tasks and actions. Everything is securely stored in the cloud and delivered via the browser, desktop integrations and mobile tools.

Huddle co-founder Andy McLoughlin commented: ‘With so many enterprise workers using iPads in their daily lives, providing access to Huddle content via their app of choice is incredibly important. PDF Expert Enterprise offers not only one of the leading mobile productivity apps for the iPad, but also enhanced security, scalability and full control over data. We’re pleased that it is so seamlessly integrated with Huddle’s collaboration platform and iOS apps’.

Huddle is used in more than a 100,000 organizations. Huddle’s customers include 80 percent of Fortune 500 and 80 percent of UK government departments, as well as companies such as Kia Motors, SEGA, Unilever and P&G. Find out more and sign up for a free trial here.


PDF Expert 4.7 for iPad now supports iCloud and merges PDFs [Giveaway]

29 July, 2013

PDF Expert, Updates

Exciting news!

PDF Expert 4.7 for iPad is out. This powerful update adds iCloud integration and can merge multiple PDFs into one.

You asked – we’ve made it! iCloud integration will help you to backup your files. However, please note, at this moment only PDF Expert for iPad supports iCloud (iPhone version is to be updated soon). What’s good is that PDF Expert for iPad now shares the same iCloud container with Documents, our widely popular app.

Another big improvement is the ability of PDF Expert to merge multiple PDFs into one. Simply press Edit -> Choose PDFs you want to merge -> tap Merge. Boom, now you have one PDF.

There are dozens of other improvements such as:
- Save stamp/form field image to Photo Library
- New openGL engine (no blinking, dramatically reduced breaks)
- New Crop Mode
- New minutes selector on the keyboard for time form fields
- Fix for format of XFA date fields
- Fix for emailing folders
- Do not show successful mail sent result
- Immediate passkey request time interval increased up to 5 min
- Fix in passkey lock and airplane mode
- Enabled emailing all pages from pages management

As always, the update is free for all existing users. If you don’t have PDF Expert for iPad you can download it here.

However, you can also enter our Giveaway and try your luck. :)

We’re giving away 5 promo codes for PDF Expert ($9.99).
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We’ll randomly choose 5 lucky winners tomorrow.


Readdle is giving away 5 promo codes for the latest PDF Expert for iPad

10 May, 2013

PDF Expert

We’ve got great news. The last few months Readdle team has been working on a new version of PDF Expert for iPad. More than 20 improvements and new features were added to PDF Expert 4.6. Download it now (It’s free for all existing users of PDF Expert for iPad).


Generally, this version has strengthened PDF Expert as an annotation tool, adding a number of essential features. Among them are:
- Selection tool. People can select and work with several annotations at once: move, resize, edit or delete.
- Copy and Paste annotations. Copy already existing annotations and paste them anywhere in the document, or even into another file. (This was one of the most anticipated features)
- Shape tools. Improved geometric shapes tool allows you to change opacity and the color of the shape in a few tabs.
- Date picker. This is a vital feature for people that work with PDF forms frequently. Now adding time and date can be done in seconds thanks to our custom keyboard.

There are lots of other tweaks:
+New layout in annotations toolbar for rect/oval/line/arrow
+Added save/discard changes prompt to Save as -> Flatten
+Sync folders are supported in URL schemes
+Improved Text Highlight tool
+Increased timeout to move pages with tap & hold

We’re giving away 5 promo codes for PDF Expert for iPad 4.6 ($9.99).
If you want to win simply follow these steps:

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We’ll randomly choose 5 lucky winners tomorrow and give away the codes.


PDF Expert for iPad becomes even more powerful, fast and robust (5 promo codes giveaway)

13 December, 2012

PDF Converter, PDF Expert

PDF Expert for iPad, which is already the most powerful PDF app in the AppStore, gets even better with the latest update.

Readdle team worked hard to add new features and improve already a feature-rich app. Overall, PDF Expert got faster, smoother, more reliable and robust. So what’s new?

-Google Drive sync – Once you sync a folder with Google Drive, all changes made in the document are automatically pushed to the cloud.

-Integration with PDF Converter app that allows you to convert any files into PDFs from within PDF Expert. Only works if you have PDF Converter installed.

-Much faster PDF rendering engine

-German localization (we love you!)

-ShareFile suport

-and dozens of other improvements such as autosave, protection from corruption, auto-sleep fix and much much more.

The update is available for free for all existing users.

Readdle gives away 5 promo codes for PDF Expert for iPad!
All you have to do is to share this post via Twitter.
Alternatively, you can comment below saying why would you need PDF Expert and how would you use it.
The codes will be given away tomorrow to 5 lucky winners.

Best of luck!


PDF Expert now supports iPhone 5

20 November, 2012

PDF Expert

Finally! After so many weeks and sleepless nights we are happy to announce that the new version of PDF Expert for iPhone hits the AppStore.

PDF Expert now supports iPhone 5. Moreover, we’ve made over 20 improvements.

So what’s new?

- Much faster sync
- OpenGL PDF engine
- GoogleDrive sync
- iPhone 5 compatibility
- Destination choice on file download
- Rename file by swiping
- XFA image fields

Overall, the app has become more stable and powerful.

We would like to hear from you. What are you thoughts?
Feel free to comment below.

Readdle Team.


PDF Expert 4.3 for iPad with tabs, multiple signatures and super fast sync (5 promo codes #giveaway)

20 September, 2012

PDF Expert

Today, we have released PDF Expert 4.3, a new version that comes with a range of new features and improvements. What’s cool about this update is that all new features were highly anticipated by our users.

So what’s new:

-Tabs in PDF viewer. We’ve added tabs to make file viewing easier and faster. Moreover, it is easy to switch between different documents.

- Multiple signatures. “Signatures” is one of the most used features in PDF Expert and we’ve decided to make it even better. The new version allows people to save more than one signature and sign documents significantly faster.

- Super fast Sync. PDF Expert already syncs with all popular online services like Dropbox and Box. With this update sync speed is up to 5 times faster than before.

In addition PDF Expert 4.3 has an improved Presentation toolbar. Users can rename documents with a single swipe.

We are happy to give away 5 promo codes for PDF Expert for iPad.

To win the code simply follow these steps:

1) Follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook Page
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Good luck!


PDF Expert 4.1 brings SkyDrive, collaborative work to the iPad (5 promo codes #giveaway)

19 July, 2012

PDF Expert

Today, we have released PDF Expert 4.1 for iPad, the new version of our popular application that allows people to annotate, sign PDF documents, and fill out PDF forms.

PDF Expert 4.1 comes with Microsoft SkyDrive, Office 365 SharePoint support and Dropbox auto sync. Moreover, PDF Expert 4.1 features completely new and blazingly fast rendering engine, along with audio notes support.

With upcoming Windows 8 release this fall, more than 10 million people will rely on Microsoft SkyDrive to access their files across PCs, Macs and mobile devices. PDF Expert 4.1 introduces SkyDrive connectivity with automatic sync. All edits and annotations done on the iPad will be uploaded back to SkyDrive account immediately. This is why this update is highly relevant.

The full list of new features:

- Amazingly fast PDF viewer
- Auto sync
- SkyDrive, SharePoint 365
- Recording audio notes
- Combs in form fields
- Integration engine with Save Back feature
- Insert/Replace annotations are supported for reading
- Ability to move opened notes
- New bottom pages indicator
- Added default sorting in Portfolios
- Bugfixes

The automatic Dropbox sync is super convenient! You don’t have to worry about saving the changes you make in your documents – PDF Expert will automatically sync your files.

We are happy to give away 5 copies of PDF Expert to you guys.

To win the code simply follow these steps:

1) Follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook Page
2) Retweet this post or Share on FB
3) 5 winners will be selected randomly within 24 hours

Good luck!