Boost your productivity with Readdle apps and iPhone 6s

We want you to have the best user experience when using Readdle products. That is why every time Apple launches new technology, we are one of the first to improve our software so you can do more with the new hardware. A week ago, we launched massive iOS 9 updates for all our apps.


Image Source: BuzzFeed.

Today, we are proud to be at forefront of those innovations and tell you that our flagship Readdle apps now support iPhone 6s and 3D Touch. Quick Actions open up new possibilities and change the way we interact with our apps, adding another dimension of context and actions.

Check out what we’ve done. The updates should go live tomorrow AM.

Scanner Pro

We hope that you are fairly familiar with Scanner Pro. For those who aren’t, it turns your iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner, so you can scan anything and turn it into a good looking PDF file.

Scanner Pro gets Quick Actions on iPhone 6s, so you can scan things faster. This comes in handy when you want to quickly start scanning – simply press lightly on the Scanner Pro icon and select “New Scan”. This is a great experience that we think you are going to love. 


Your scan will also look amazing with the 12MP camera that is available on iPhone 6s. The resolution will be so high that people won’t even be able to distinguish between your scan and a scan from a normal, desktop scanner.


Spark is our latest product and it aims to cure email mess. Quick Actions in Spark mean your most important actions are just one tap away. Be it writing a “New Email” or using our unique “Smart Search”, you can now get there right away.

By the way, Smart Search can be used to find anything you want in a more human way (for example: “email with a PDF file from Alex” will find all emails from Alex with PDF attachments). You can also quickly access your “Attachments” folder to browse through the files you’ve been sent.



This is a great addition to Spark on iPhone, and one that makes you way more productive. And yes, iPad and Mac versions of Spark are coming this year. Stay tuned.

PDF Expert 5 and Documents 

PDF Expert 5 and Documents apps also get Quick Actions support. Open your most recent files or view your favorites – quickly and conveniently. Since Documents has a built-in browser, you can instantly open that by hard pressing on the Documents icon.

There’s one big reason to use Quick Search over the one in Spotlight. Quick Action Search does full text search, so you can find anything you need in the body of a document (you can’t do that using Spotlight).


The Future of 3D Touch

For many people, 3D Touch alone is a great reason to upgrade their iPhone. For us developers, it adds another layer of interaction between people and their devices. We can’t wait to show you what more can be done with this technology in the future.


Stay tuned and thanks for support!