Spark for Mac Gets Amazing 1.1 Update!

Three weeks ago we launched Spark for Mac, a part of our plan to make email easy and delightful across all platforms.

Thanks to your feedback, it was getting awesome-er all the way, and today we’re happy to announce the very first major update of Spark.

Let’s dig into details!

Assign a color to each mail account

Spark now has Color Coding for different email accounts. It makes it very easy to see which account received the email — Work, Personal, etc. Just open Spark Preferences and check “Color Coding for Accounts” to enable it.

We spent a lot of time designing this function because it pursues two contradictory goals. It should be noticeable when you need it, yet stay out of the way when you need to focus on the contents of your email list. The end result is subtle yet noticeable and feels great in everyday use.

Forget the mess with your signatures

Next, now you can now assign specific signatures to aliases and automatically use the appropriate signature for every email you send. Go to Spark Preferences to turn this on.

Automatically BCC people

Last, but not least, is the ability to automatically BCC people from your team or the CRM app of your choice. Use it to log your activity to Salesforce or to keep colleagues in the loop on an email conversation.

Wait, there’s more: 

  • The categorization of emails is now more intelligent and precise.
  • Easily send multiple messages to ‘Spam’ section.
  • A new option to select a previous message after ‘Delete’ or ‘Archive’ actions.
  • Create an IMAP folder right from the sidebar.
  • Quickly find emails with the improved search by non-English keywords.
  • Enjoy the improved performance of contacts sync with your address book.
  • Link detection mechanism in HTML messages is considerably improved.
  • Fixed issue with the bullet list appearance in the mail viewer.
  • Fixed ‘Reply All’ shortcut behavior.
  • Fixed issue with duplication of emails without a subject.

We hope you’ll love what we’ve done and would appreciate to hear your thoughts!

Update or download Spark on your iPhone, iPad or Mac right now!

Maxym Varnalii