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Readdle sets the bar for cross app interactions on iPad

May 25, 2017

May 25th, 2017 — 795 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA, 94107

Today, Readdle Inc., the leading productivity and business software developer for iOS and Mac, is proud to announce a cutting edge technology that makes it possible to Drag and Drop files on iPad across its popular apps Documents, PDF Expert, Scanner Pro and Spark. Plus, Documents 6 is getting a major update that turns it into a file hub on iOS.

The Power of Touch

“Touch is the most intuitive computing interface invented. Even one-year old babies can learn how to unlock their parents iPhones and turn on their favorite videos on YouTube. — says Denys Zhadanov, VP of Marketing at Readdle, — “Touch to interact, pinch to zoom, rotate with two fingers - the power of these gestures lies in both intuitiveness and simplicity.”

Drag and drop has been the easiest and the most common way for file interaction on desktop computers for years. However, the ability to drag & drop content is not utilized on mobile devices. Only a small number of apps support direct manipulation of content within the app. (Documents, Scanner Pro and PDF Expert are among them, of course,) Drag & drop has been restricted to its host application, but today, this is going to change.

The Winds of Change: Drag and Drop files between apps on iPad*!

One of the iPad Pro’s main productivity features, that turns it into a powerful computing device according to Apple, is its ability to have two applications running on the screen at the same time. The iPad was screaming for drag & drop as a way to share content between two simultaneously running apps.

*iPad Pro models, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4.

Two Apps. One File.

Now, we are ready to show you what’s possible when you can run two application side by side, and they are aware of each other. We believe that this is the way inter app communication should’ve been done on iOS since the very beginning of iPad Pro.

There are dozens scenarios of how users can have a stellar experience with iPad Pro using inter app Drag & Drop — just open the two apps in Split View on iPad.

Easily save email attachments from Spark to Documents or PDF Expert.

Sign a contract and drop it in Spark to send back.

Quickly move scans from Scanner Pro to annotate them in PDF Expert.

The Readdle Team hopes that Apple will introduce their own implementation of inter-app drag & drop one day. That will support other apps and make iPad a much better productivity device than it is now.

If you download the latest version of Spark, Documents, Scanner Pro and PDF Expert right now, you will see what kind of a productivity device your iPad can be.

Starting today, we are making drag & drop available for millions of our iPad users.

Here are the links to download:


Documents 6

PDF Expert

Scanner Pro