Printer Pro

Print documents, attachments, clipboard and more right from your iPhone or iPad

Printer Pro is the application that lets you print wirelessly from the iPhone. It can print directly
to many Wi-Fi printers and to any printer attached to your Mac or PC via helper application
installed on your computer.

Print anything you want:

  • E-mail attachments
  • Work Documents
  • Web pages
  • Files from Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Photos
  • Clipboard content
  • Contacts
  • Files from other apps

Compatible with any Printer
(Wi-Fi and USB)

Printer Pro automatically finds a printer in your wi-fi network. It also can print to USB printer if you install a free helper app on your Mac or PC.

Download it here support.readdle.com/ppd

AirPrint on Steroids

Printer Pro improves your experience with AirPort compatible printers. It has desktop class printing options! So now you choose what to print and how it should look on paper.

  • See Print Preview
  • Select Print Range
  • Print multiple pages per sheet
  • Scale to fit

Print it Easy

Once installed, Printer Pro appears in the "Open In..." list on your device. This allows you to print almost anything from your iPhone, including files from cloud services, photos, e-mail attachments and much more.

Available on the AppStore




"Printer Pro is a fantastic app dedicated to printing. To put it simply, the app is something that would be put in the "Open In" Menu of many apps. Once installed, you can simply grab an app that has this feature and open a compatible file into Printer Pro."

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