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Massive iOS 8 updates to all Readdle apps are live!

Oct 6, 2014

Readdle Inc., leading iOS developer, focused on making first class business and productivity apps for iOS devices, is proud to announce major iOS 8 updates to all its apps.

The iOS 8 update brings more functionality and interconnectivity between Readdle apps. Now apps can talk to each other, use widgets and take the full advantage of iCloud Drive as a central documents storage, which is vital for PDF Expert 5 and Documents. Moreover, each product gained exclusive new features and use cases.

Scanner Pro turns any iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner. It is one of the most popular business apps on the App Store since 2009, with 6+ million users worldwide.

iOS 8 gives enhances Scanner Pro dramatically in terms of workflow. Scanner's Pro editing extension allows users to scan photos right in Photo Library.

Scanner Pro does support iCloud Drive, which means that all scanned documents will be accessible in iCloud Drive on Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone. Scans can be saved into shared folders with other apps like PDF Expert 5, Printer Pro and others.Moreover, the whole Scanner Pro app can also be protected with a fingerprint using Apple’sTouch ID technology.

PDF Expert 5 is an ultimate PDF editing and management application. The new update brings new features such as Zoom Writing, AirTurn support, bookmarks management and iOS 8 exclusives.

Documents 5 is a powerful file manager, document viewer and media player. iOS 8 brings Documents app to the whole new level, since it becomes the main app to view and open files from iCloud Drive and other apps. It is essentially a “Finder” app on iOS devices. Being file-centric, both PDF Expert 5 and Documents benefit big time from the introduction of iCloud Drive.

In addition, Documents 5 and PDF Expert 5 includes Touch ID user authentication when application specific passcode is set.

Calendars 5 is a smart calendar client that gets even smarter with iOS 8 widgets! The new iOS 8 Today View widget makes it much easier to view all upcoming tasks and events at any time. Notification Center widget allows to view today’s alarms and snooze them.

Printer Pro is a great app for printing wirelessly to any printer right from iPad or iPhone. It has desktop class printing options for printing on mobile devices. With iOS 8 Printer Pro gets iCloud Drive support for printing documents saved in iCloud Drive wirelessly. Printer Pro becomes a universal application, that could be used on both iPhone and iPad.

PDF Converter makes the conversion into PDF super easy and fast – be it a web page or multiple photos right from photo library. With the iOS8 Photo extension users can now create multipage PDFs from Photo Library and share them easily. iCloud Drive can be used to convert any file there into a good looking PDF.

“Our team worked day and night to deliver this on the very first day of iOS 8. Yet, we have so many plans on how to make our products even better, smarter, faster. Stay with us. We love you guys.” - says Denys Zhadanov, Readdle Marketing Director.