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PDF Office by Readdle - create and edit PDF forms in seconds

Dec 11, 2014

Readdle Inc., the leading iOS apps developer, has announced the release of PDF Office for iPad, a new desktop class application for creating forms and editing text in PDFs. Currently millions people around the world work with PDFs on mobile devices. Many of them need to create forms and edit PDF text on the go, without using computers. Due to the absence of desktop class applications in this segment, Readdle comes up with a powerful yet easy to use solution - PDF Office.

The main purpose of PDF Office is to provide best-in-class PDF editing and creating capabilities. This app is packed with an extensive set of features that helps to convert, create and edit PDFs easily. PDF Office enables users to create blank document or notes for freehand writing or typing. In addition, the app can digitize paper documents into PDFs for further editing or forms creation. To simplify the forms creation process, the app can recognise form fields automatically, after the image has been scanned with the iPad camera.

At the same time, PDF Office offers advanced form editing setting and various parameters to insert fields with dates, numbers, text, signatures, dropdown lists and much more. The unique combination of freehand annotations and text editing ensures the most powerful tool for working with PDFs. Users of PDF Office don't have to edit PDF text on the desktop and add annotations on iPad - all these features are available in one place.

"PDF Office is the latest addition to the list of applications that makes iPad as powerful a device as Mac and PC." says Alex Tyagulsky, Readdle's CMO. "Moreover, text input, the biggest pain point of MS Office, Pages and other document editors, is not really a problem in any PDF Office use case, making this particular product a much better fit for the iPad."

PDF Office was built to be an all-inclusive professional PDF manager that actually will change the way people work with PDFs on mobile devices.