#GirlsPower stories on how Readdle women impact society through their job and lifestyle

We want to share a bundle of #GirlsPower stories to highlight the impact on the society that Readdle women make through their job, social, ecological, and educational activities. 

Daria Molchanova, Talent Acquisition Manager

I've been working almost 6 years in the recruiting domain and two of them at Readdle. My goal as Talent Acquisition is to provide the best experience for candidates and help to hire managers with their business needs. I came into recruiting just to try and see how it goes. It went well, I like the pace, opportunity to be on the edge of the technologies, and the most amazing part – meeting new people and helping them to pick their next career step. Helping people to realize their true potential helps me to realize mine.

To balance my dynamics at work I have two psychologists at home - my two pugs, Pascal and Daisy. At the beginning of 2021, my husband and I adopted Daisy and gave her proper treatment and good care. I just couldn’t help myself when I saw her sad eyes in a photo. Now our Pascal has a true friend and there’s twice more fun, snoring, and grunting in our life! 

I’m also fond of ecology and sustainable living, so together with my mom, we own a small online store where we offer handmade goods – reusable bags and knitted handbags. It’s my input in something bigger – I hope more and more people will be aware of sustainable living, recycling wastes, overconsumption, and our environmental impact. I believe we can create a better future for ourselves by giving a nice example.

Olga Piskunovska, Customer Support Team Lead, Calendars, and Scanner Pro

My everyday inspiration is the grounded knowledge that every person (our customer or a team member) is valued. It warms my heart to see emails starting with ‘I decided to tell this to you because I know you will listen.’ However, sometimes we make mistakes as all people do. I’ll never forget the day when one of the Calendars design updates accidentally broke the workflow for some of our customers. Thanks to their kind feedback, we could find the solution for these lost scenarios and made sure to add needed changes making the design even cleaner! It always makes me happy to see how people have found their way with our apps.

Despite the fact both Calendars and Scanner Pro were created primarily for business use, this summer I had a chance to talk to an amazing retired photographer from the Netherlands. She uses Scanner Pro as a tool to create a single photo book from all the beautiful photos she has in the Photo library. Scanner Pro always helps her to compile all the photos she needs into photo albums that she shares with her close ones.

Outside of my work life, I attend singing and dancing classes. When I just started I was very shy as I thought I was too old for this. However, I’ve made a goal for myself to post something that I do on my IG. When I did - the feedback was amazing. Many people DMed me that I inspired them to start dancing/singing/drawing, fulfill their childhood dreams and this was so beautiful. Right now when I post anything cool about my work or out of office life I hope to show people that it’s always a good time to start following their dreams.

Daria Sakhno, Customer Support Specialist, PDF Expert & Documents

I became a member of the Readdle support team in 2016. Since then, my professional experience and skills have grown drastically – I’ve mastered all the subtleties of communication with customers, whose mood might vary from completely obliterated after they lost some important data from an app to absolutely delighted once they got some expert assistance. Indeed, a serious approach to work is not a toggle in the mailbox that is off once you leave the office. It’s a philosophy that I pursue in my life – put your heart into anything you do.

The art of making passion from a daily routine and embracing moments you are in is the most meaningful one to me. To collect those precious pieces of everyday life, I’ve taken up street photography. Finding something special in daily routines is what pleases me the most. I participate in photography exhibitions and communicate with leading photographers a lot to share experiences and learn somewhat new.

Recently I’ve been learning more about mindfulness. An ability to calm down and take a pause in the middle of a hectic week greatly helps to find a taste for life in these uneasy times. I do believe that seeking new ways to relieve stress boosts my engagement in both work and personal life. And every time I watch some fresh vlogs from my favorite street photographers on YouTube I see Readdle apps installed on their devices I feel that my search for balance has achieved success.

Oleksandra Perekhrest, People Operations, and Event Specialist

I have been working at Readdle for over 5 years. I’ve started my career here as an office manager and now I’m a part of the Talent Team working as a People Operations specialist. The lessons I’ve learned here and outside of the office have helped me when organizing the processes, but most importantly – I’ve learned how to give our Readdlers the best experience even with such a boring process as hiring and all document flow that we encounter during our life in the company.

To make Readdlers' experience even more enjoyable, I create internal and external, small and large, online and offline events for our team, and also adore the process of creating gifts and all the tiny things that make working in the company even more pleasant. Our favorite events are corporate parties with a special style and theme, the autumn beer fest, and of course the quarterly office Birthday parties. But now, when our opportunity to meet in person is limited, we practice online yoga, book club, and knowledge sharing within the company.

We pay special attention to company gifts from the company, the motto of which is “CARE. AMAZE. INSPIRE” no matter where are you working from. I believe the culture we create and carefully maintain in the company echoes in each Readdler – in our former, current, and future colleagues.

Outside of the office, the theme of creating comfort and care is also close to me. That’s why the SoyCa.home brand was born – where I create the coziness of the house through soy candles, using the safest materials, and taking care of the environment. Making candles is a kind of meditation, but I feel really happy when I think that somewhere in the world, right now, something that was created by my own hands makes someone’s day better, more comfortable, and brighter!

Jenny Butler, Customer Success Manager at Fluix

My main priority is to help our customers to optimize their use of Fluix, in line with the evolving trends and best practices of their industries. I also work with our marketing team on various projects, ranging from recording and editing voice-overs for our Fluix tutorial videos, to creating case studies and promotional content pieces.

My favorite thing about my job is getting to work directly with our customers. I really enjoy listening to their stories and helping them to identify and remove productivity bottlenecks so that they can focus on doing the meaningful work that sets them apart from their competitors.

The project I’m most proud of working on is the Fluix Holiday Cookbook, which we launched as our 2020 Holiday gift to our customers, but also published publicly online, so everyone could enjoy the recipes. The inspiration behind my idea for the cookbook was to bring some of our customers together to share the stories behind their favorite recipes, allowing the world to learn more about them as individuals – the real people behind the product. As we all know, the global pandemic turned some of us into master chefs (sourdough or banana bread, anyone?), but we all cook on a regular basis, so a cookbook was both timely and timeless. From a business point-of-view, the project supports more formal content pieces, such as case studies, and gives our Sales and Customer Success Management teams a new and informal rapport-building and relationship-nurturing topic of conversation.

I’m based in Dublin, Ireland. In my free time, I really enjoy going to poetry and arts-related shows with friends (pre-Covid days!), and spending all my money on treats for my Bernese Mountain Dogs. I also like to visit new places, which pairs well with my love of flying and aviation! One of my favorite vacations was when I traveled through Austria and Switzerland by rail. I lived in Vancouver, Canada, for a while, and I visit my friends there as often as I can (10 visits and counting!), so I’ll always happily recommend beautiful British Columbia as a vacation spot. I also like speaking at tech industry events, as well as utilizing my previous experience in broadcast radio and journalism to empower people to create their own podcasts. On that particular note, I’m very proud to have helped people to find their voice and start their own podcasts. I truly believe that everyone has a story to tell, either in business or in their personal lives, and helping them to find the confidence to share their experiences with the world is very rewarding for me.

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