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即刻探索 Readdle 2022 年黑五效率应用礼遇。领取 PDF 点睛首 50% 折扣。新用户还可领取 3 个月延长试用 Scanner Pro,当前用户则可领取 3 个月延长试用 Documents 尊享。


探索黑五尊享 Scanner Pro,蒸蒸日上。

移动扫描应用程序让您办公蒸蒸日上,Scanner Pro 为您在生活中遇到的困难提供了诸多解决方案。对于那些快速但重要的任务,如从名片上新添联系人,扫描收据或在商务会议期间拍摄白板的图像。即刻了解 Scanner Pro 用户平凡却高效的办公日常。


痴迷效率:认识 Eugene Plokhoj,Readdle 超级 App Documents 背后的领袖

如今每月有超过 1100 万的用户使用 Documents,工作、学习、娱乐。Eugene Plokhoj 将告诉我们,他对效率的痴迷如何助力 Documents 不断创新和演化以满足用户日益增长的需求。


Sehii Alpieiev on his journey with Readdle and leading Documents Engineering Team

Six years ago, Serhii Alpieiev was employed at another company and seemed to not really be striving for a change. What aspect of the company’s culture attracted him so much that he went to work for Readdle and even relocated to another city, Readdle Headquarters, with his family?


Tanya Mitkova on her journey with Readdle and managing an international team of translators

This is the story of Tanya, who fondly remembers how a few hours spent with an iPad borrowed from her boss helped her decide about her career. This seemingly-small action would determine the course of the next 9 years of her life. And there she was, at the forefront of Readdle’s relationships with customers…


Readdle 首获 iOS 16 更新 —— 锁屏部件、Siri 捷径、实况文本、Vision OCR

Readdle 打造面向苹果 iPhone、 iPad 的必备效率应用程序,并致力于不断创新科技。今天能够为您带来 iOS16 最新特性,真是令人振奋。


Heartwarming stories of Readdlers and their pets during the war in Ukraine

After Russia started a war against Ukraine, our team members were forced to flee their homes or extend their stay in Europe. Sometimes, leaving their families, friends, and pets behind. Read the stories of three brave Readdlers that thought of nothing more than reuniting with their beloved fluffy friends. Even the prospect of an exhaustingly long and sometimes dangerous journey couldn’t get in that way.


Students save time with Calendars

How you choose to spend your time isn’t just logical; it’s also emotional. Having an up-to-date calendar can do wonders in structuring, de-stressing, and keeping your week on track. Feeling skeptical?


Scanner Pro speaks Ukrainian

How important is this event for our team based in Ukraine, who have grown this into the best iPhone and iPad scanner app? Extremely important… But why has it taken so long to give this app the chance to speak in its native Ukrainian language?


6 announcements from WWDC 2022 that we're excited about at Readdle

Over the last few weeks, our developers have been playing around with the betas and have taken a deep look at the possibilities that the new features, APIs & improvements in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura shall bring to Readdle's apps. Here are some of the new features & improvements that Apple announced at WWDC 2022 that we're excited about at Readdle.


Readdle 向顾客保证我司产品不受俄罗斯军事侵略的影响

Readdle 向顾客保证我司开发的效率应用程序(PDF 点睛、Spark 邮箱、Documents、Scanner Pro、Calendars、Fluix)不受俄罗斯军事侵略乌克兰的影响。


永别了,我的 Printer Pro!

打造商业应用程序意味着艰难的抉择。我们已决定停止更新 Printer Pro,以便防止精力分散,集中精力打造世界级的效率应用程序。


Readdle 应用迎来 iOS 15 更新:iPad 大部件,快速笔记,更多功能

又是一年激动人心的时刻!我们观看了苹果的主旨演讲,被全新 iPhone 所惊艳,并更新到最新的 iOS。今天,我们的应用程序带来 iOS 全新的功能。


全新 Documents X:文件操作快如闪电

全新 Documents X 飞一般的快,智能操作加速工作流程,体验自然焕然一新。






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