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Finding Inspiration: How Music and People Drive Me to Succeed

Fluix Account Executive shares how the company’s approach changed her perception of sales and talks about her passion for music and the inspiration that she finds in connecting with people.


Readdle's Chief of Staff: my five levels of influence for a more meaningful life

Olga Pochtarenko, Chief of Staff at Readdle, shares how she contributes to positive changes in the world through coaching, mentoring, volunteering, and making small everyday decisions to reduce her impact on the planet. Read on to learn more about Olga's inspiring insights on creating a more meaningful life.


Empathy in Action: A Customer Support Lead's Journey to Creating Social Impact

Join us in celebrating #InspiringWomen at Readdle by reading the incredible story of Anastasiia Zelinska, Customer Support Lead for Spark. Learn about her journey of finding her passion, making a positive social impact, and advocating for equality and inclusivity.


When planning is everything it's nothing

When planning turns into an obsession with controlling each life’s stage, it turns out to be a destructive, not helpful thing. At the same time, there is no need to abandon the idea of planning — you are better off doing the mental and preparatory work yourself. And one of the most effective ways to do this is to use a calendar.


如何从 iPhone 共享大型已扫描文档

我们推出全新 Scanner Pro 功能:通过链接共享。您若想毫不费力共享大型扫描文件,只需创建链接并通过任何方式共享即可。


Documents 10年:从文档阅读器进化成文档操作 App

Documents 已为您服务 10 年。每年我们都会推出变革,改变用户的生活方式,为其提供快速共享和智能建议,以改善工作流程,还提供了 VPN 和 PDF 功能。


使用 Calendars 创建 1000 天计划

您听说过 1000 天日历吗?这是 CEO 们的最爱,它是推动变革的最佳方式,能带来长期的回报。这意味着坐下来规划出大约 3 年的行动来推动您的目标。这些 CEO 正在使用 Calendars App 制定一系列的计划、事项和提醒以成就自我,这听起来很繁琐。但遵循长期目标设定的框架是值得持之以恒的。


Readdle's 2022: Year in Review

Thank you for being part of the Readdle adventure for another year. We hope we have helped to make your life easier and more productive. We believe our apps should help you save time, so you can work less, focus on what matters, and enjoy more moments with your loved ones.


使用 Documents 全新操作和扩展提速您的工作流程

全新发布 Documents,推出全新操作菜单和共享扩展,专为您提速文件操作而设计。即刻登录 App Store 更新应用程序,告诉我们您的使用体验。



即刻探索 Readdle 2022 年黑五效率应用礼遇。领取 PDF 点睛首 50% 折扣。新用户还可领取 3 个月延长试用 Scanner Pro,当前用户则可领取 3 个月延长试用 Documents 尊享。


探索黑五尊享 Scanner Pro,蒸蒸日上。

移动扫描应用程序让您办公蒸蒸日上,Scanner Pro 为您在生活中遇到的困难提供了诸多解决方案。对于那些快速但重要的任务,如从名片上新添联系人,扫描收据或在商务会议期间拍摄白板的图像。即刻了解 Scanner Pro 用户平凡却高效的办公日常。


痴迷效率:认识 Eugene Plokhoj,Readdle 超级 App Documents 背后的领袖

如今每月有超过 1100 万的用户使用 Documents,工作、学习、娱乐。Eugene Plokhoj 将告诉我们,他对效率的痴迷如何助力 Documents 不断创新和演化以满足用户日益增长的需求。


Readdle 首获 iOS 16 更新 —— 锁屏部件、Siri 捷径、实况文本、Vision OCR

Readdle 打造面向苹果 iPhone、 iPad 的必备效率应用程序,并致力于不断创新科技。今天能够为您带来 iOS16 最新特性,真是令人振奋。


Readdle 向顾客保证我司产品不受俄罗斯军事侵略的影响

Readdle 向顾客保证我司开发的效率应用程序(PDF 点睛、Spark 邮箱、Documents、Scanner Pro、Calendars、Fluix)不受俄罗斯军事侵略乌克兰的影响。


永别了,我的 Printer Pro!

打造商业应用程序意味着艰难的抉择。我们已决定停止更新 Printer Pro,以便防止精力分散,集中精力打造世界级的效率应用程序。



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