Enabling technology and productivity for millions.

"Let's do it!"

Four friends from Odessa started Readdle as a crazy idea.

With zero funding, one idea and a great desire to make something valuable in this world, we built Readdle’s first web application enabling people to view and “read” documents on the first iPhone. That’s where the name Readdle is from.

Igor Zhadanov

Alexander Tyagulsky

Andrian Budantsov

Dmitry Protserov

Zero funding

One idea

10 years later

"Readdle has become the most incredible thing we've ever done".

A tiny group of people turned into the big Readdle Family – 112 passionate professionals who are driven by shared values and goals. Our ultimate goal is to enable technology for hundreds of millions of people and make them more productive. We have created and defined categories on the App Store, won awards, and built a great business, but what matters most is that there are millions of people who are relying on Readdle products in their personal and professional lives.

Moments of connection with our customers

Conversations with customers

Emails sent to our users

Email notifications sent per day via Spark

Happy users worldwide

Our inspiration comes from you, when we hear how we change lives.

Products loved by millions

At Readdle, success is not measured in tens of millions of downloads. What gets us out of bed is hearing how our apps change lives every day.

App Store 5-star ratings

Featurings by Apple

App Store reviews

Major awards

Сompanies relying on Readdle Products

Pursuing Excellence

Killing good ideas is necessary to create opportunity for the best ideas. We are not afraid of that. Iterating like there's no tomorrow, we sacrifice short term gains in favor of long term visions and doing “what’s right.” These are the reasons Readdle prospers.

Lessons Learned

Make a real impact: it's about the ways we can make a difference. Of course, not everything works.

If an app could not make a big enough difference or if it was the occasional bad idea it was a no-go. All of these experiences taught us invaluable lessons that help us focus and come back to build something greater for you.

Lines of code written

Updates shipped


These 10 years have been a hell of a ride.

We’ve created 40 products (and killed 31), smashed App Store charts with 75 million downloads, created and defined whole categories of productivity tools.

The first iPhone is revealed.

Readdle’s first web app goes live, enabling people to read documents  on iPhone.

The App Store goes live.

ReaddleDocs is launched.

Walt Mossberg listed ReaddleDocs as one of his “favorite apps that makes the iPhone worth the price”.

First million downloads🚀

Apple releases iPad.

Readdle Docs for iPad and iPad itself were released the same day. Since no one had iPads, we used a cardboard to create a prototype, based on rumours and leaks.

Rise of the apps

Terra Browser – the first browser with Tabs.

All 6 Readdle Apps occupy top charts on the App Store 🏆

New York Times says that Scanner Pro is “the best app for quickly scanning and saving a digital version of a paper document”.

Scanner Pro and PDF Expert are shown during the Apple Keynote.

Readdle releases Fluix, an enterprise document management solution that is trusted Siemens, BMW, Alaska Airlines and 300 other businesses.

Spark Mail for iPhone goes to the App Store.

PDF Expert and Documents are pre-installed on demo devices in every Apple Store worldwide.

Readdle’s first Mac app - PDF Expert goes live and gets “App of the Year Award".

Readdle launches Drag-and-Drop across its apps, setting the bar high for iPad multitasking.

75 million downloads 🚀

Apple will launch Drag-and-Drop between iOS apps.

The Future

Redefining productivity

With over 75 million downloads worldwide, Readdle apps are now the world-class products that power entire businesses and compete with the biggest and best companies on a global scale. Where are we going next? Productivity has to be redefined continuously and email should be an easy, delightful, social experience that we all enjoy.

We have great things in store for the future, based on the strong foundations of our experience, lessons learned, and our passion to create awesome products that change the way you work and live.

Gift Time! 🎁

It's our birthday, but you get the gifts

As a way to thank you, we've created a special Readdle 10th Anniversary Bundle offer. In just one click, acquire all Readdle Productivity Apps (at a discount) and become truly productive.

Readdle 10 Anniversary Bundle

Thank you for being a part of this ❤️

Thank you for tremendous support throughout these years! We wake up to change lives and to create great things for you. Thank you for letting us to be a part of your journey.