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Tanya Mitkova on her journey with Readdle and managing an international team of translators

This is the story of Tanya, who fondly remembers how a few hours spent with an iPad borrowed from her boss helped her decide about her career. This seemingly-small action would determine the course of the next 9 years of her life. And there she was, at the forefront of Readdle’s relationships with customers…

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Readdle gets powerful iOS 16 updates - Lock Screen Widgets, Siri Shortcuts, Live Text and Vision OCR

At Readdle, we build essential productivity apps for Apple platforms including iPhone and iPad and are dedicated to innovating with the latest technologies. Today, we’re excited to bring you the latest that iOS 16 has to offer.

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Heartwarming stories of Readdlers and their pets during the war in Ukraine

After Russia started a war against Ukraine, our team members were forced to flee their homes or extend their stay in Europe. Sometimes, leaving their families, friends, and pets behind. Read the stories of three brave Readdlers that thought of nothing more than reuniting with their beloved fluffy friends. Even the prospect of an exhaustingly long and sometimes dangerous journey couldn’t get in that way.

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Students save time with Calendars

How you choose to spend your time isn’t just logical; it’s also emotional. Having an up-to-date calendar can do wonders in structuring, de-stressing, and keeping your week on track. Feeling skeptical?

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Scanner Pro speaks Ukrainian

How important is this event for our team based in Ukraine, who have grown this into the best iPhone and iPad scanner app? Extremely important… But why has it taken so long to give this app the chance to speak in its native Ukrainian language?

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6 announcements from WWDC 2022 that we're excited about at Readdle

Over the last few weeks, our developers have been playing around with the betas and have taken a deep look at the possibilities that the new features, APIs & improvements in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura shall bring to Readdle's apps. Here are some of the new features & improvements that Apple announced at WWDC 2022 that we're excited about at Readdle.

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Calendars by Readdle comes to Mac to help you own your time

Readdle now brings its iOS Calendars app to your Mac allowing you to seamlessly use Calendars across all your Apple devices.

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Declutter your digital life, with Documents

Documents captures all your files in one place on your iPhone or iPad. It doesn't matter if you downloaded them from a browser, email, messenger, or transferred from a PC. From now on, it’s the default destination for all saved files. It brings order to the device, keeping it clean and organized. And also helps eliminate stress, stay in control and be more productive.

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Readdle terminates app sales and support in Russia

Readdle stands with the people and government of Ukraine against the Russian invaders. We removed all our products from the Russian App Store and Google Play. We will not engage in any business with Russian-owned companies or companies that continue to support the aggressive Russian invader.

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How you can help Ukraine right now

Many of our customers and partners asked how they can help Ukraine fight back and stop the aggressor. Here are the things you can do from anywhere in the world.

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