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Meet Documents 6.8, with the All-New Photo Transfer

The gorgeous photos you take with your iPhone camera deserve to be shown to other people. Whether it’s your recent mountain trip or your friends’ wedding, showing them on a small screen doesn’t help you relive that moment to the fullest.

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PDF Expert Now Supports the New iPad Pro

When you get your hands on the new 11-inch of 12.9” iPad Pros and launch PDF Expert, you’re gonna love what you see.

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The Readdle Story: Getting 100M Organic App Installs Through 32 Failures

Here’s a collection of stories about how we failed 32 times, declined to raise money, built world-class products, attracted 100M people, reinvented email, competed with the world’s largest companies, but ultimately followed our dreams and passions.

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Essential Apps Students Can’t Live Without: Readdle’s Choice

Ah, the good old times when your parents did everything for you. Remember how they made sure you always woke up on time, were never late to class, and ensured you met all of your deadlines? Our parents were an integral part of our lives growing up, but those times are now gone, and today you’re all by yourself.

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How Readdle's Apps Help Students And Educators Power Through the Academic Year

Beginning a new academic year is an incredibly exciting part of a student's life. Students go through a varied range of emotions while they prepare for the upcoming year at their respective schools or colleges. They spend a considerable amount of time in preparing themselves and getting themselves ready for the next few months. Students also put a lot of research into finding the best set of tools and services for the academic year, such as apps to help students manage their class schedules, apps to help students study better — apps to help students prepare for the academic year ahead.

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How to Send an Effective Email Pitch to Journalists

Email overload is an issue that many of us face today. We're bombarded with all kinds of emails and we aren't even interested in most of them.

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Documents app adds WiFi Transfer, a faster way to transfer files between iOS and Mac/PC

Today, we're happy to announce a great update to the Readdle's Documents app with the exciting WiFi Transfer technology.

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Swift for Android: Our Experience and Tools

We want to share with you an incredible new toolchain we've created that takes the pain and hassles out of working with Swift for Android.

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Farewell to PDF Office

Dear PDF Office users, as all good stories come to an end, we have made a tough decision to stop supporting PDF Office.

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PDF Expert 6.3. goes live with two new powerful features!

Spend less time managing your files in cloud and enjoy natural reading experiences with the new file management capabilities and the Two-Page view mode.

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