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Finding Inspiration: How Music and People Drive Me to Succeed

Fluix Account Executive shares how the company’s approach changed her perception of sales and talks about her passion for music and the inspiration that she finds in connecting with people.

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Readdle's Chief of Staff: my five levels of influence for a more meaningful life

Olga Pochtarenko, Chief of Staff at Readdle, shares how she contributes to positive changes in the world through coaching, mentoring, volunteering, and making small everyday decisions to reduce her impact on the planet. Read on to learn more about Olga's inspiring insights on creating a more meaningful life.

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Empathy in Action: A Customer Support Lead's Journey to Creating Social Impact

Join us in celebrating #InspiringWomen at Readdle by reading the incredible story of Anastasiia Zelinska, Customer Support Lead for Spark. Learn about her journey of finding her passion, making a positive social impact, and advocating for equality and inclusivity.

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When planning is everything it's nothing

When planning turns into an obsession with controlling each life’s stage, it turns out to be a destructive, not helpful thing. At the same time, there is no need to abandon the idea of planning — you are better off doing the mental and preparatory work yourself. And one of the most effective ways to do this is to use a calendar.

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How to share large scanned documents from your iPhone

We introduce a new Scanner Pro feature - Share by Link. If you need to share large scanned documents without a hassle, just create a link and share it through any channel you want.

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10 years of Documents: From a document reader to a super app for file action

Documents has been at your service for 10 years. Year on year, we have introduced new capabilities to transform our users lives, from quick sharing and smart suggestions for improved workflows, to VPN and PDF capabilities.

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Creating a 1,000-day Plan with Calendars

Have you heard about the 1,000 day calendar? A favorite with CEO's, it's being talked up as the best way to make transformational changes that bring about long-term rewards. It basically means sitting down and mapping out about 3 years worth of actions to rocket your life forward. These CEOs are using Calendar apps to map a series of plans, events and reminders to set them on the path to success. Sounds exhausting. But there is something quite cool about following the framework of long-term goal setting.

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Readdle's 2022: Year in Review

Thank you for being part of the Readdle adventure for another year. We hope we have helped to make your life easier and more productive. We believe our apps should help you save time, so you can work less, focus on what matters, and enjoy more moments with your loved ones.

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Speed-up your workflows with Documents’ all-new actions and extensions

The latest release of Documents introduces a new action menu & a revamped share sheet extension, designed to help you speed up the actions you typically take on your files. Get the update from the App Store and let us know what you think.

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Black Friday deals at Readdle: exclusive discounts and extended free trials

Enjoy massive discounts on our flagship products for iPhone and iPad. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer and join millions of the world’s most productive people!

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