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Creating a 1,000-day Plan with Calendars

Have you heard about the 1,000 day calendar? A favorite with CEO's, it's being talked up as the best way to make transformational changes that bring about long-term rewards. It basically means sitting down and mapping out about 3 years worth of actions to rocket your life forward. These CEOs are using Calendar apps to map a series of plans, events and reminders to set them on the path to success. Sounds exhausting. But there is something quite cool about following the framework of long-term goal setting.

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Readdle's 2022: Year in Review

Thank you for being part of the Readdle adventure for another year. We hope we have helped to make your life easier and more productive. We believe our apps should help you save time, so you can work less, focus on what matters, and enjoy more moments with your loved ones.

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Speed-up your workflows with Documents’ all-new actions and extensions

The latest release of Documents introduces a new action menu & a revamped share sheet extension, designed to help you speed up the actions you typically take on your files. Get the update from the App Store and let us know what you think.

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Black Friday deals at Readdle: exclusive discounts and extended free trials

Enjoy massive discounts on our flagship products for iPhone and iPad. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer and join millions of the world’s most productive people!

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Discover Scanner Pro this Black Friday - for small wins every day.

Mobile scanning apps take the stage for small wins every day, with Scanner Pro providing versatility for all the things life can throw at you. For those quick but important tasks, such as adding new contacts from business cards, scanning receipts or taking an image of a whiteboard during a business meeting. Let’s take a stroll through the average day in the life of Scanner Pro.

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Passionate about productivity: Meet Eugene Plokhoj, the person helping to drive Readdle’s super app Documents

Today, over 11 million people use Documents every month for work, learning and entertainment. Eugene Plokhoj tells us about how a passion for productivity has helped Documents to innovate and evolve to meet users’ changing needs.

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Sehii Alpieiev on his journey with Readdle and leading Documents Engineering Team

Six years ago, Serhii Alpieiev was employed at another company and seemed to not really be striving for a change. What aspect of the company’s culture attracted him so much that he went to work for Readdle and even relocated to another city, Readdle Headquarters, with his family?

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Tanya Mitkova on her journey with Readdle and managing an international team of translators

This is the story of Tanya, who fondly remembers how a few hours spent with an iPad borrowed from her boss helped her decide about her career. This seemingly-small action would determine the course of the next 9 years of her life. And there she was, at the forefront of Readdle’s relationships with customers…

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Readdle gets powerful iOS 16 updates - Lock Screen Widgets, Siri Shortcuts, Live Text and Vision OCR

At Readdle, we build essential productivity apps for Apple platforms including iPhone and iPad and are dedicated to innovating with the latest technologies. Today, we’re excited to bring you the latest that iOS 16 has to offer.

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Heartwarming stories of Readdlers and their pets during the war in Ukraine

After Russia started a war against Ukraine, our team members were forced to flee their homes or extend their stay in Europe. Sometimes, leaving their families, friends, and pets behind. Read the stories of three brave Readdlers that thought of nothing more than reuniting with their beloved fluffy friends. Even the prospect of an exhaustingly long and sometimes dangerous journey couldn’t get in that way.

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