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Celebrating a decade of time management: a farewell to Calendars 5 and a look into the future

Saying goodbye to Calendars 5 and hello to a new chapter in smart planning. With a focus on simplicity, user feedback, and a promise of significant enhancements, get ready to experience time management like never before.

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From listening to reading: Audio and Video Transcription comes to Documents

Introducing Audio and Video Transcription in Documents. Transform spoken content into text effortlessly. Experience the freedom of free audio transcription and exclusive video features.

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Spying on the routine of great people: how their habits can improve your productivity

Centuries over centuries, we all are fascinated by the routines of great minds, believing that emulating their habits might unlock some aspect of their genius. Today, finding elements from these routines that align with modern life could be the key to blending productivity with passion.

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Dmytro Kovalenko on good design, AI, and the future of the profession

What constitutes good design? How does one balance between user needs and the technical side of product design? Dmytro Kovalenko, a leading designer with a significant track record in overseeing design processes and building teams, addresses these questions and shares his insights on how AI impacts the current labor market.

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Dmytro Kovalenko on his career journey and building an all-in-one in-house design team

Making the web development department a fully functioning part of the design team is a unique case that presents certain challenges. Learn about the Leading Designer and Manager at Readdle navigating these constraints while rebuilding the team remotely.

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Behind the screens: Readdle, risks, and real talk on CBS

Join us as we delve into the mind of Igor Zhadanov, the co-founder of Readdle, in his upcoming appearance on "A Moment With" a leadership series by Acumen Media in partnership with CBS News. We're here to give you a quick rundown of what he shared – think of it as a teaser before you dive into the full interview.

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Before Christmas with Calendars

Planning your celebrations and creating New Year's resolutions helps you to set the mood and fill the ordinary with the extraordinary, because there is a little magic in planning – writing down your own wishes and ways to fulfil the yuan of people close to your heart.

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The magic moment is in the air: download our 2024 printable Calendar from Calendars

Calendars foster balanced time management, encouraging self-care and meaningful connections. Our 2024 Printable Calendar and Calendars app offer flexible solutions for effective time management. Choose between paper or digital planning—explore both to revolutionize your yearly organization. Download the calendar and try the Calendars app to transform your planning approach.

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Wave hello to hands-free control

Wave Hello to the Future: Introducing Air Gestures in Documents. Control your videos with just a wave of your hand! Say goodbye to traditional touch controls and hello to an intuitive, hands-free experience.

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5 things you can do right now with Calendars to master time

Calendars steps in as the ultimate guide, simplifying the puzzle of our busy lives. Here’s a look at 5 tricks that can elevate your experience with Calendars on iPhone and iPad.

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