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Connect all your calendars, manage all your events & tasks, see everything at a glance.

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Works across
iPhone, iPad and Mac

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30 million people

One app.All Apple devices

Calendars works across all your devices – your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Your schedule, tasks, and plans are always at hand.

Manage your schedule effortlessly

See your availability and what’s ahead today, this week, or month. Color-code events for faster navigation and reschedule them with drag & drop.

Calendars app is an impressive iPhone calendar app that looks terrific, offers easy-to-use features, and works equally well on iPhone and iPad.

Connect all your calendars and tasks

Bring all your calendars and tasks together to have everything at a glance and achieve your peace of mind.

Create events and tasks in seconds

Enjoy super-intelligent natural language input. Want to meet John at Starbucks at 4 p.m.? Just type that, and Calendars will create the event, with the right location and contact.

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Features you'll love

Invite people to your events

Video calls

Use Apple Maps or Google Maps

Hide calendars you don't need

Color code events and calendars

Share calendars
with others

Powerful personal assistant

Organize your work tasks, movies, or shopping list. Add a due date or make your task recurring. Calendars will gently remind you in advance to get it done.

We have a powerful iPhone calendar app on our hands here – meetings, locations, notes, tasks…everything under one roof.

Easily manage an overpacked schedule

Just drag and drop your tasks and events to reschedule an appointment. You can do that both online and offline. Or, ask Siri instead.

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Set up recurring events

Some events are happening regularly – like visiting a gym or Spanish classes. Create an event that repeats every week, month, or even every 3rd Tuesday of a month.

Set up reminders to be always on time

With Calendars, you’ll never be late for business meetings, family dinners, or birthdays. Create up to five reminders to always be on time.

Over 30 million people rely on Calendars app

For those looking for a well-rounded planner to replace the iOS Calendar, Calendars app is an excellent choice.

This is, by far, the best iPad calendar app I've ever used.

Readdle's new iOS smart calendar app packs a punch, supporting Google Calendar, Tasks, Reminders and more.

Сalendars app is an impressive calendar app for iOS that looks terrific and offers easy-to-use features.

Calendars gets close to being my ideal iPhone calendar app for the current state of calendar and Reminders clients.

When it comes to combining both task lists and calendar events into one, the Calendars app currently does it best.

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