We wake up to change lives

Our mission is to make millions of people more productive. Apple has crowned many of our apps as Best New Apps and Editors’ Choice, we have often hit Top Charts in dozens of countries, and we even created the document scanning niche back in 2009 with Scanner Pro. But this is just what is on the surface.

At Readdle, success is not measured in tens of millions of downloads. What gets us out of bed is hearing how our apps change lives every day. We had over 130,000 customer emails just in 2014—we're proud of our story, but yours is even better.

A lawyer who doubles as a U.S. coast guard told us PDF Expert 5 is essential to his work every single day. A mother with two jobs and two kids uses Calendars 5 to keep everyone organized and on time. Another customer discovered Documents supports Microsoft OneDrive and now believes we are Santa Claus. We don't have the heart to tell him otherwise, but we will continue working every day to delight and make millions of our customers like you more productive.

Lessons Learned

Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something. Morihei Ueshiba

Readdle strives to build apps that resonate with customers, but of course, not everything works. We've actually retired a number of apps over the years, including one that took over nine months of work and never shipped. In other words, we’ve learned some hard lessons from the App Store and its users that will help us build much better products.

For us, it's never about the money. It's about whether we can make a true impact, a difference in your lives. For example, with Remarks, we ultimately could not build the fast PDF markup experience we wanted back then. And maybe Card Scanner Pro was just too early for its time, as the OCR technology wasn't accurate and fast enough.

We even tried our hand at a couple games, including what may have been a Flappy Bird six years tool early, and a pirate puzzle game that sank in its maiden voyage.

Whether an app could not make a big enough difference or it was the occasional bad idea, all of these experiences taught us invaluable lessons that help us focus and come back to build something great for you.

Moving forward

Readdle started as a crazy idea. Today, it's become the most incredible thing we've ever done, and we owe it all to our customers. We're working on some amazing things for tomorrow, and we can't wait to show them to you.

With over 40 million downloads worldwide, our apps are now world-class products that power entire businesses and compete with biggest and best companies on a global scale. For a small glimpse into where we’re going next, PDF Expert for Mac will soon become our first-ever Mac app, bringing best-in-class software to all Apple platforms. Then there's our brand new, ground-breaking iPhone email app, Spark, which is on its way to becoming a cross-platform service for iPad, Mac, and even Android.

But that is just what I can talk about right now. We have great things in store for the future, based on a strong foundation of our experience, lessons learned, and passion to create awesome products that change the way you work and live. We’d love for you to join us on our journey and share our story.

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