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Documents - a default document viewer and media player for iPhone

Apr 11, 2013

Readdle announced the availability of Documents, that brings the application to the iPhone. Documents claims to become the default document viewer and media player on every iOS device. It allows people to view documents, watch video and listen to music, store files locally on the iPhone and iPad.

Since Documents launch in January 2013, more than 1 million iPad owners rely on the application to store and access their data on the device. The new version delivers the same great experience to the iPhone, making it a must have tool on every iPhone Home screen. It serves as a perfect solution to view documents and keep all the files organized in one place.

Documents neatly combines all essential tools for working and manipulating documents anytime, anywhere. Its built-in document viewer and media player, makes it possible to open and view any document received on the iPhone: MS Office document, Apple iWork file, Adobe PDF, text document, photo, music or video.

The application shines brighter when it comes to media files. Documents has an elegant media player that allows people to watch favorite movies during the flight, listen to music while running or relaxing after the work. It supports a wide range of photos, images, media files formats, turning iPhone and iPad into a Swiss army knife.

"Documents is designed to be one of the 5 most used applications on the iPhone. It is an indispensable tool for everything related with storing all your digital data on the device. No matter wherever you are, all your documents and files are always at hand" says Igor Zhadanov, Readdle CEO. "It is a top-class application that deserves a spot on every iPhone Home screen. "

Documents 4.1 brings iCloud sync between iPhone and iPad, to have all the data at fingertips. With the iCloud sync, documents, photos, media files are seamlessly shared between the iPhone and iPad.