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Readdle Turns 6

Aug 1, 2013

Readdle, a recognized market leader in iPhone and iPad application publishing, is celebrating its 6th anniversary today. With more than 6 million users of its iOS applications - ranging from individuals to 80 percent of the Fortune 500 list - Readdle is one of the most successful software companies working on the iOS platform.

Back in August 2007, the company revealed its first iPhone web application, which made it possible for people to read documents on the iPhone, a whole year before the App Store even appeared. On the day one of the App Store, the universal document viewer, ReaddleDocs, made its debut on the platform. In 2009 Readdle's Scanner Pro pioneered the concept of scanning documents using the iPhone. It immediately settled as one of the top 10 business applications for the iPhone in 20+ countries. Three years later the company was the first to bring scanning to the iPad. Today the Readdle product line includes 8 remarkable applications, and the number of users who rely on Readdle products has reached 6 million, doubling in the last year alone.

For 6 years now the Readdle team has been creating best-in-class applications to expand core functionalities of the iPhone and iPad. All Readdle products are dedicated to make people efficient in solving real-life tasks on their mobile devices. PDF Expert takes a major leap in turning the iPad into the tool for working with PDF files in the Post-PC world. Scanner Pro has replaced the office scanner and fax machine, by turning the iPhone/iPad into a portable scanner. Calendars helps millions of people to get organized and successful. Printer Pro has enabled wireless printing from the iPad or iPhone to any regular printer.

In 2013 the iOS platform makes its way into the businesses faster than ever. Moving this trend forward, Readdle has released a new cloud service for businesses called PDF Expert Enterprise. As of today, it already counts 160 businesses as clients, including BMW, Roche, Henry Schein and Siemens among the largest, with deployments exceeding 1,000 iPads. The service scales from agile teams to Fortune 500 corporations and is used as a primary tool for field sales, inspections, board meetings, electronic flight bag programs, and a host of other activities.

"Thanks to proactive thinking and intelligent product design, Readdle products have become the default choice in productivity tools for any iPhone and iPad owner. PDF Expert, Scanner Pro and Calendars have become reference applications in their categories. With a team based in the US and Europe, our company is looking forward to explore new ways mobile devices are changing our life, all over the world," says Igor Zhadanov, Readdle CEO.