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Apple's Mail Engineering Manager Joins Readdle to Build Future of Email With Spark

Mar 29, 2017

March 29th, 2017 — 795 Folsom Str., San Francisco, CA, 94107: Former Apple Mail engineering manager, Terry Blanchard, joins Readdle team to build the future of email with Spark!

Terry spent the last 6 years leading the Engineering and QA teams responsible for Apple Mail, the default email application which is used by millions of people worldwide.

"Spark is modernizing email as we know it. We share a fundamental vision of what the future of email should be,” said Blanchard. “I’ve always admired Readdle for their beautiful and innovative products, which makes them the ideal company to turn that vision into a reality.”

Spark is one of the most popular email applications available and has won numerous awards from Apple (best of 2015 on iOS, and 2016 on Mac). It is popularly regarded as the preferred 3rd party email client by industry experts and media.

Igor Zhadanov, Readdle CEO shares his vision and expansion plans: “Email is not going anywhere and has to be reinvented. The team has done a phenomenal job so far, and we are committed to shaping the future of email. Terry is a valuable addition to our team and brings years of experience from one of the best companies in the world. He will be building a rockstar team and leading an office in Silicon Valley.”

Readdle has an extensive history of making innovative productivity apps from the opening day of the App Store. Popular apps such as Scanner Pro, PDF Expert, Documents and Calendars 5 have defined and shaped app categories like mobile document scanning, document management, calendaring, PDF editing and now email. These apps have been downloaded over 65 million times. Readdle is a 105 member team headquartered in Odessa, Ukraine. It has built this exceptionally profitable business without the need for external capital. The Readdle team aims to shape the future of work, and email is a central part of that vision.

Spark is currently available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. It recently received a huge update with labels, folder management, and smart filters. The team is working on an Android version and plans to add Calendar, automations and team mechanics.

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