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Readdle Turns 10, Plans to Redefine Productivity

Aug 4, 2017


August 3, 2017 (Odessa, Ukraine) Readdle, the leading productivity software developer, announces the 10th Anniversary of its founding. Readdle was among the developers hand selected by Apple to be available on day one of the App Store. Since then, Readdle has created entire categories of productivity apps with powerful features and super elegant UX design and most recently tackled the challenge to fix email for hundreds of millions of people. It takes talent and guts to successfully take on the areas of innovation Readdle has mastered. And while they are humble, the four founders and their company of now 112, lack neither the talent nor the courage to continue enabling productivity for millions.

In review, having started with nothing but energy, smarts and great ideas, Readdle bootstrapped into a profitable business driving 75 million downloads, without raising outside funding of any type. This year Terry Blanchard, ex-Apple Mail engineering lead, joined Readdle to collaborate with company founders to fundamentally reimagine email.

Each year since 2007, Readdle has consistently pushed the limit on what’s possible on Apple platforms: “We see trends in mobile computing very early thanks to our maniacal focus on customers and their reliance on our apps in more than 150 countries.” says CEO Igor Zhadanov. “With recent technology advancements, changes are coming. I feel a responsibility to impel this transition, because we are perfectionists on behalf of our users.”

“A decade ago we decided to shape productivity on mobile devices. We started by identifying what was missing while people were untethering from their desks. Today with 434,000 5-star ratings of Readdle productivity apps and over 800 thousand customer conversations, our expertise in mobility is our biggest asset.” says Alex Tyagulsky, Readdle co-founder.

Readdle’s 10th Anniversary commenced this week with an official update to the company’s website and narrative. Here are some facts the Readdle team has shared as a look back at just how much innovation has taken place over the last 10 years. 2018 is expected to be a big year for Readdle customers.

About Readdle

Founded in 2007, Readdle is the leading productivity software developer on Apple platforms. Readdle’s chart topping consumer products like Spark, PDF Expert, Scanner Pro, Documents, Calendars+ and Printer Pro have received more than 75 million downloads, and won numerous awards, essentially defining their respective product categories.

With teams spread across 6 locations between Europe and Silicon Valley, Readdle has expanded its expertise to build cutting-edge products. More information about Readdle is available at