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Readdle apps hit 100 million downloads

Sep 11, 2018

September 11th, 2018 — 795 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA, 94107

Today Readdle, the company behind productivity apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac, celebrates a major milestone – 100 million downloads worldwide.

Productivity is not about “being busy,” but quite the opposite. “It’s phenomenal to witness how productivity trends goes mainstream, and how many people use their mobile devices to get things done. Our ultimate goal is to enable new technologies to people so we all can save time, letting the machines do the job.” - says Readdle’s VP of Marketing Denys Zhadanov.

This helps us to focus on what we, as humans, do best: being creative, artistic, and strategic.

In 2007, even before there was an App Store, we had an incredible mobile device in our hands and wanted to read books on our iPhones. This simple premise is why Readdle was established. Over the last decade, our applications have made iPhones and iPads much more powerful and useful.

Building a sustainable and scalable business around apps in the App Store is not easy. We managed to survive and strive, while the majority of independent companies have had to shut down or have been acquired.

Over the years, we've built many products, apps, and services that failed. They didn’t succeed financially or were never shipped because of other reasons. We are fine shutting down an okay product or a good idea because we want to focus on the best ideas that can potentially become game-changing products. 32 apps have been killed.

Success doesn’t come easy. We’ve prepared the story of this journey to 100M installs, that includes 8 lessons we’ve learned, examples of our failures, and honest answers that you asked us on social media.