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Readdle celebrates its Second Anniversary

Jul 31, 2009

Readdle, the makers of the popular ReaddleDocs and Shakespeare iPhone applications, celebrates its second anniversary today. Launched two years ago Readdle has pioneered many areas of iPhone application development such as iPhone optimized web storage, MobileMe iDisk connectivity and, sending and saving email attachments; all of which later became standard among other iPhone applications. To celebrate its second anniversary, Readdle is giving away promo codes for its top selling application, ReaddleDocs, via its web site, Facebook page, Twitter account, as well as many other popular forums and blogs.

"Although the iPhone revolutionized the mobile industry, it is not without its limitations. Readdle was born out of a dedication to create products that help people overcome these limitations. There is no doubt that ReaddleDocs has succeeded tremendously in this area as we continue to exceed industry expectations. ReaddleDocs, Shakespeare and Take A Note are all pushing the limits of the iPhone for thousands of people each and every day," comments Igor Zhadanov, Readdle's CEO.

"This fact is commonly recognized by the iPhone customers, media and Apple themselves," continues Igor Zhadanov. "O'Reilly named ReaddleDocs the Rolls Royce of document portfolios, Walt Mossberg said that ReaddleDocs is one of the apps that makes iPhone worth the price, and recently Apple selected our Shakespeare application as the App Store pick of the week."

During the last year, more than 700,000 Readdle applications were installed on iPhones and iPod Touches around the world, making it one of the largest publishers of document and ebook reading solutions for the iPhone. App Store customers are currently downloading 15 thousands applications per week, a rate of 750 thousands applications per year.