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Chieftent is recognized by 37signals - Adds Time Tracking

Jul 2, 2009

Readdle, a leading developer of applications and games for iPhone and iPod Touch, has announced the updated version of the Chieftent application, which was formerly known as Basetent. The application allows Basecamp subscribers to manage projects directly from the iPhone wherever they are. Chieftent stands out thanks to the native Basecamp look and feel optimized for the iPhone screen.

As a result of negotiations between Readdle and 37signals, a re-branded and improved Cheiftent application has been listed on 37signals web site (in the 'Extras & Add-on' section). The additional Time Tracking feature along with a unique option to choose projects for syncing further reinforces the advantage of Chieftent among other Basecamp applications.

The Time Tracking feature further supplements the list of supported functionality, making the application a robust and worthy competitor for any other Basecamp-friendly application. One of the main Basecamp functions, which is now available for iPhone users, allows users to keep track of who spends how much time on which task as well as tracking time by using a to-do list.

"In considering new options which could be implemented in order to increase the convenience of using the Chieftent application, we gathered and analyzed extensive user feedback. Consequently, we concluded that a missing function for Basecamp iPhone users is the ability to choose the projects they are interested in." - explains Alexander Tyagulsky, CMO. "The advantage of this feature is that iPhone users now have the ability to save time and increase productivity by only working on projects which have been modified."

Pricing and Availability:
Chieftent version 1.2 is now available at the App Store at $9.99 (USD).