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A.I.Disk brings MobileMe iDisk connectivity to the iPhone

Oct 22, 2008

Readdle has just announced the release of A.I.Disk, a new and much needed iPhone application that lets MobileMe subscribers access documents on the iDisk online storage service, and save them to their iPhone and iPod Touch. A.I. Disk allows people to view saved files and documents on the go and even email friends and colleagues.

"MobileMe iDisk is a popular way to backup important data or share information among several different devices. To do that effectively and efficiently it should be accessible from any computer or mobile phone that the individual uses. Therefore, lack of MobileMe iDisk support is still one of the major iPhone flaws. A.I.Disk brings iDisk connectivity to the iPhone and iPod Touch making these great devices even more useful and functional for MobileMe subscribers", notes Alexander Tyagulsky, Readdle CMO.

A.I.Disk has a built-in file viewer that supports a number of formats including MS Office and iWork documents, PDF, TXT, HTML and others making A.I.Disk extremely versatile. Only one tap on a file is needed to copy it to the iPhone or iPod Touch file storage allowing the user to enjoy reading it anywhere at anytime. Also, any document that is stored in A.I.Disk can be sent by email to anyone in the world. It is as practical as it is useful and really bridges the gap in accessing and sharing a wide range of files.

For those who use more than one iDisk account or would like to be able to access documents from shared folders of their friends or business partners; A.I.Disk supports the ability to add as many MobileMe iDisk accounts as they need. Also, the application enables people to browse documents from any WebDAV enabled online file storages thus further expanding the usage of the device.