Ukraine is fighting off a Russian invasion and defending its freedom. Right now, Russia is waging war and attacking Ukrainian cities by land, air, and sea.

Readdle is proud to be a company founded in Ukraine, and many of our team members are currently in Ukraine. As Readdle has a diverse team in 11 international locations, and its infrastructure uses world-class technologies, its products and services are operating as usual. 

We stand with the people and government of Ukraine against the Russian invaders. 

  • We have removed our apps from sale in the Russian App Store and Google Play.
  • We will not do business with Russian-owned companies or companies that support the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Now we ask that you stand with us. Please support Ukraine by lobbying your governments, protesting peacefully, and donating money to support the people of Ukraine. Below are links to trustworthy organizations helping defend Ukraine in this unprovoked war. Please do what you can and share these links with your colleagues, friends, and community. Every contribution helps.

Donate to
Defence Support
Donate to
Humanitarian Support

More ways to help:

Help the people

Over 8,000,000 people have had to leave their homes since the invasion, and another 5 million are internally displaced. Here’s how you can help them:

Demand action from your government

The entire world stands with Ukraine now, providing weapons, humanitarian aid and imposing sanctions against Russia. You can encourage your government to take more action to help Ukraine fight back: 

Help the Ukrainian Defence

Ukraine is defending Europe’s eastern border from the Russian army, one of the world's biggest and strongest armed forces.

Large foundations focusing on large volumes:

Critical support for Ukrainian defenders:

TOP managers from leading Ukrainian & international product companies have launched KOLO — a quick response foundation that handles middle-sized orders. KOLO helps soldiers get helmets, body armour, satellite phones, tactical radio equipment, quadcopters, drones, thermal imagers, and sights.  

Help the animals

The situation in animal shelters is alarming, most of them are on the verge of survival. 

Readdle is proud to be a company built in Ukraine. Millions of people worldwide have become more productive with our apps PDF Expert, Spark email, Documents, Scanner Pro, Calendars, and Fluix.

Glory to Ukraine!

The Readdle Team

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