Macworld iWorld reflections from Readdle team

Even though Apple is no longer coming to Macworld iWorld expo, it is still a great event for all Mac and iOS fans.

Second year in a row Readdle exhibits at Macworld and proves that productivity and business iOS applications are very useful for every person who owns an iPhone or iPad.

It was a great chance to talk to our users. The best part was that almost everyone who uses their iPhones or iPads for productivity and business had at least 1 Readdle app.

During the show, we managed to sneak peak the brand new app Remarks! It is a great app for note-taking, free-hand drawing and casual annotation on PDFs. The feedback was amazing, both from the press and from the public. We are launching Remarks tomorrow, so stay tuned.

The bottom line is, Macworld is still relevant and important for all Apple fans. The focus though shifted towards iOS apps and accessories. We are proud to be one of a few companies, that give real value to our users and help to solve real life problems, rather than just focusing on entertainment and games.

Here are some great shots from the expo:

Readdle team
Our stylish booth

Stay tuned.