Introducing Spark

Today is a big day for Readdle. Spark, our biggest and most ambitious project yet, is finally available on the App Store. Download it here .

Spark is designed for people who feel that email could be a much better experience than it is now. It's an email client that makes reading and replying to your emails much faster and enjoyable. It's a smart email, that always helps you and never stands in your way.

We started working on Spark 18 months ago because we knew that the everyday email experience for millions of people is well below where it should be, especially on mobile devices. There was this strong feeling that we could make it better, that we really β€˜can' create the best mobile email client for millions of people. Something that even Apple, Google and Microsoft failed to achieve.

Today, we will finally find out if we made it. I suggest you to visit the Spark website and carefully read about the product, about every feature we've packed in and why. Then, head to the App Store, install it only our iPhone (and Apple Watch, if you have one) and take it for a ride.

Once you've given it a go, share your opinion with us and tell us what you think. Good plan?

Alex Tyagulsky
Chief of Product, Readdle co-founder.

P.S. Spark is going to be a cross-platform service that will change the way we communicate via email.

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