Meet PDF Expert for Mac!

Today we are thrilled to announce PDF Expert for Mac 1.0 , the first chapter in our journey to make it the best app on any device for reading, editing, and signing PDFs.

We started by bringing our PDF solutions from iPhone and iPad , then we expanded on them to take advantage of all the Mac has to offer. Let's take a look at what will make PDF Expert your new PDF companion .

Read Faster

PDF Expert addresses two major problems that we have heard about many other apps — speed and working with multiple files.


PDF Expert is several times faster than any other app available on a Mac. From the first document you select, it springs into action with smooth scrolling and fast search. PDFs open instantly, whether they are just small email attachments or 6000-page reports.

PDFs + Tabs

Working with multiple open documents with other apps is an exercise in frustration, which transforms into nightmare when you need to switch between them constantly. It shouldn't be that way.

With PDF Expert, each open file has a separate tab so you can see everything that's open with just a glance. This makes it much easier to switch between them or close the PDFs you no longer need. Of course, you can rearrange tabs with simple drag and drop and make your workspace yours.

The difference is staggering, like moving from Internet Explorer 5 to the latest version of Safari.

Delightful Annotations

From simple changes to marathon editing sessions, PDF Expert lives up to its name. Powerful, yet easy-to-use tools are just a click away so you can leave your mark in record time.


You have a full set of annotation tools from highlighters and pen to shapes, stamps, and text annotation. It's extremely easy to change tool features like color, font, or shape, too, thanks to the dedicated properties panel.

Fill Forms With a Click

It's simple: PDF Expert provides the best PDF form filling experience on a Mac.

Text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and other form elements work as you expect. Even complex interactive forms with Javascript work impressively well. Compare this with Preview, where signature fields, "submit" buttons, and other interactive elements don't work at all.

Sign Documents

Agreements, tax forms, and many other documents require your signature to be valid. We made this process as simple as possible with PDF Expert for Mac.


Just type your name on a keyboard, and PDF Expert will transform it into beautiful handwriting. Or, use your MacBook's trackpad and write with your finger. You can even use signatures already created in PDF Expert for iOS.

You can store multiple signatures within PDF Expert so other people can grant you right to sign documents on their behalf. And when you need to sign a contract with a customer, there is a "customer signature" option for one-time use. Also, PDF Expert recognizes signature fields in PDF forms and can fill them in with a click.

Merge Pages and Files

With PDF Expert, it's very easy to create a new document based on other PDF files on your Mac. It could be a simple merging of two documents, or a delicate extraction of a few specific pages from sales proposals or product catalogs — PDF Expert handles it all.

You can also rearrange, rotate, and delete pages within existing documents, which comes in handy when working with scans.

An Expert on Mac and iOS

PDF Expert for Mac and iOS beautifully support iCloud. All files you store there are available for reading or editing on any device that you own. PDF Expert properly handles changes made on different devices, and it even has a mechanism to resolve possible conflicts.


Signatures, stamps, and settings are automatically synced between Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It's very handy for making real handwritten signatures on your iPad and using them on a Mac.

Also, the Mac App Store version of PDF Expert supports Handoff, so you can start annotating a document on iPad, then quickly hand it off to your Mac with a click and continue working there.


PDF Expert for Mac, with all the reading and editing features I just mentioned, is just $19.99. However, as we will unlock more power in future updates, that price will gradually rise to $59.99 .

The great news is that all these updates will be free, so grab your copy of PDF Expert for Mac now and save more than 60% off the regular price!

There is a free Trial.


PDF Expert is our first Mac OS X app, which means we have plenty to learn about making great apps for the Mac. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions, so don't hesitate to contact us at

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