Announcing Calendars 5!

Calendars 5, Readdle's brand new app, is submitted to the App Store and will be available on September 12.
Meanwhile, Calendars+ becomes a free download from today. It will be removed from sales once Calendars 5 comes live.

Calendars 5 - Blog

Calendars 5 is a completely new app and will be sold separately. In a nutshell, Calendars 5 is a smart calendar that understands human language and supports tasks and iOS Reminders. It has a clean design focused on your events. It just helps you to manage your day, week and life in general, and does it good. It's a universal app, so runs on both iPhone and iPad.

Calendars 5 by Readdle from Readdle Inc. on Vimeo .

Let's review some of the most important things in Calendars 5.

1. Natural language input.
It's the most natural way to create an event. Everybody can understand and use it. But you can also create events in a "Day view" by tapping and holding, some might find it faster and more natural. Just try it yourself since Calendars 5 supports both options.

2. Clean UI focused on YOUR events.
There are no colorful bars or buttons in Calendars 5. The only elements in color are your events or buttons that need your attention. iOS 7 design philosophy is in its essence.

3. All complexity is hidden.
When you create an event in iOS calendar you see a 12-fields-dialog that confuses and disorients you. In Calendars 5 you have a single field to start with. The rest will unfold as you need it.

4. No compromises, you have ‘Day, Week, Month and List' views of your events.
Depending on the situation you might need to see a different perspective of your schedule. We designed the best possible representation of your Day, Week and Month for the small iPhone screen.

5. Integrated task manager that syncs with iOS reminders.
Tasks and events should live in the same application. Also you may want to see all your tasks in your calendar when needed. At the same time a task manager should be first-class product and support everything you might ever need to successfully control your day. I think we've done just that. And yes, you can sync your iOS reminders with the task manager in Calendars.

6. Great for power users.
Until now we've been advocating a perfect calendar for a regular person. We don't like to compromise and it's important to provide a remarkable tool for power users too. Appointments, locations, notes and calendars with 10,000 events are something that you can easily manage with Calendars 5.
Moreover, you can create and events like "Do something every second month of the year on weekdays of the 1st, 2nd and last week". Calendars 5 is the only iOS application that allows you to create custom recurring events.

7. First-class iPad app.
Calendars 5 is the first smart calendar for the iPad. iPad's large screen is great for viewing your Weekly or Monthly schedule and enables richer interaction with events.

8. Transparent information sync between iPhone and iPad.
Your tasks and events are synced seamlessly in the background between all your devices. It just works, period.

Don't forget to download Calendars+ . And in 7 days, come back to get Calendars 5 with 20% discount.

P.S. If you are a tech journalist or a blogger, we can provide you the copy of Calendars 5 before the launch. Please, contact us at

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