From listening to reading: Audio and Video Transcription comes to Documents

Have you ever found a video or a podcast you were eager to learn from but felt limited by not having a transcript? If the idea of turning spoken words into text appeals to you, then you might want to have a look at our new Audio and Video Transcription feature.

Hear it, transcribe it, master it: all in Documents

We know that managing multiple formats of digital content can feel difficult, and we aimed to simplify this process. Our transcription feature in Documents is designed to enhance the functionality of your iPhone's native voice recorder, allowing you to take full advantage of your existing apps.


The multi-tool app millions rely on

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It's not merely about transcribing; it's about integrating this functionality into Documents, where you can leverage the full power of the app's functionalities. From editing and annotating to sharing and storing, your transcribed text becomes a dynamic component of your digital toolkit.

Free audio transcription

Unlike other solutions that come with a cost, Documents offers audio transcription absolutely for free. This feature allows the transcription of voice recordings, podcasts, and more from formats like WAV, MP3, and M4A directly into text, setting a new standard in accessibility and convenience. Enjoy:

  • Seamless integration with voice memos: capture every thought, idea, or plan with your iPhone's voice memos. With just a tap, save those voice recordings in Documents and transcribe them effortlessly. It’s about making your ideas and notes work for you in the most convenient way possible.
  • Exclusive video transcription for Plus subscribers: elevate your video content with our premium transcription service. This functionality extracts audio from videos in MP4, MKV, and MOV formats, then transcribes it to text, simplifying your video content management.
  • Simplified text transcriptions: currently available in English, our transcriptions are provided in a .txt format for easy editing. Support for additional languages will be available soon.

Beyond just transcription

There are many software options to help you manage your content, few are as instantly recognisable as Documents. Our transcription service is deeply integrated into Documents, meaning you can do more than just transcribe. Edit, annotate, and manage your transcriptions within the same app, leveraging Documents' full suite of features for a seamless experience.


The multi-tool app millions rely on

Work better. Learn faster. Stay organized.

By enabling transcription within Documents used for editing, annotating, and sharing files, we're cutting down the steps in your workflow, saving you time and hassle. Furthermore, privacy is also a cornerstone of our transcription service; we prioritize the security of your data by conducting all transcription processes directly on your device.

How to start transcribing

To transcribe audio or video to text, simply add the file to Documents, tap the 'Transcribe to Text' button, and let the app handle the rest. Once the transcription is complete, you can easily save, edit, or share the document as needed.

More than a transcription tool

This tool is the latest addition to make Documents the essential app for iPhone users. We're adding one more possibility to your favorite multi-tool app. It’s not just about transcription; it’s about providing a comprehensive solution for all your file management needs, from PDF editing to cloud storage and beyond.

Ready to give it a try? Download Documents now and enjoy free audio transcription for all users, plus access to professional video transcription and dozens of advanced features with a single Documents Plus subscription.

The Readdle Team The Readdle Team


The multi-tool app millions rely on

Work better. Learn faster. Stay organized.

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