There’s no place for distraction in a ballet class: it’s only you, music, endless space and a teacher

In the disciplined world of ballet, time management is as important as physical prowess. From early morning rituals to grueling rehearsals and well-deserved rest, every minute counts. There’s no place for distraction in a ballet class: it’s only you, music, endless space and a teacher. You’re fully present and concentrated; you’re into dance without even a thought of following any tracker. Any activity is about discipline and dedication. 

If the first trait is nurtured in the soul, the second can be cultivated with the help of a daily routine, which can be facilitated by applications such as Calendars. This tool is not exclusive to ballerinas - anyone can harness its power to foster discipline in their own lives. Let's use the example of the world-renowned ballerina, Misty Copeland, to explore how this versatile tool could be employed.

Embodying artistry: Misty Copeland's example

Throughout the history of ballet art, two opposite views are defining the education of dancers came out into the world. The first one finds the stress laid up in athletic training, and the second one focuses on the ability to express in a personified manner the means of dancing. And hands… Yes, that goes without saying that in ballet, hands can say a lot without words. 

There’s a saying, “Art must exceed even the most perfect craftsmanship because it pursues high and noble goals.” Few embody these qualities as profoundly as Misty Copeland, the world-renowned ballerina who has captivated audiences with her grace and talent.

In this investigative piece, we delve into Copeland's daily routine, unveiling the rigorous schedule and unwavering commitment that has propelled her to the pinnacle of her art. Drawing from various sources, including interviews and articles, we shed light on the secrets behind Misty Copeland's unparalleled success.

Waking up as if you had a good night's sleep: the importance of a morning ritual

Misty Copeland begins her day with a carefully crafted set of morning rituals designed to prepare her mind and body for the demanding physicality of ballet. According to an interview with Copeland published in Balance the Grid, she wakes up around 6.30-7 am every morning. Her routine typically includes stretching exercises to improve flexibility and prevent injuries, as well as having little weights to do inner thigh exercises and calf raises, activating those tiny muscles as she starts her day. 

How could Misty Copeland use Calendars for setting up morning ritual reminders?

  • Create a daily reminder at 6:30 a.m. to wake up and starting the morning rituals.
  • Set reminders for stretching exercises, gentle yoga, allowing sufficient time for each activity.
  • Use recurring reminders to ensure consistency in practicing these rituals every morning.

Eating enough to have good energy and not overeat

Proper nutrition plays a vital role in Copeland's ability to maintain her strength and energy throughout the day. According to The New York Times, Copeland follows a balanced diet, emphasizing lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. She understands the importance of fueling her body with nutrient-rich foods that support her intense physical demands. Yet, it’s hard to manage her eating because “the longest break she has is minutes on the hour.” Throughout rehearsal, she constantly snacks on grapes, bananas, cheese, nuts, dried mangos, and white chocolate. Things are significantly better around dinner time. Misty enjoys making homey dishes, especially barbecue, as she grew up in Kansas City."

How could Misty Copeland use Calendars for color-coding?

  • Assign a specific color to meals and nutrition-related activities.
  • Create recurring events for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, using the respective color codes.
  • Include reminders for planning and preparing meals in advance to maintain a balanced diet.

Mastering Choreography: rehearsals at the ballet studio

Misty Copeland's day is dedicated to rehearsals and training sessions. She spends hours perfecting her technique, refining her movements, and mastering intricate choreography. Copeland's training regimen often consists of a combination of classical ballet exercises, conditioning workouts, and rehearsals with fellow dancers. 

In the interview for the SELF magazine, she shares that “Before every performance I take a moment to myself. Being able to visualize the best way to do something keeps me calm and prepared”.. This practice of meditation and self-care plays a vital role in her routine. Copeland trains for approximately six to eight hours a day, pushing her physical limits to maintain her exceptional skill level. And when she “ is not dancing, I take pilates or gyrotonics.

How could Misty plan her rehearsals with Calendars?

  • Create recurring events for rehearsals and training sessions, specifying the duration and location.
  • Set reminders before each session to ensure punctuality and mental preparation.
  • Consider color-coding for different training activities (e.g., ballet exercises, conditioning workouts, rehearsals).

Something about physical therapy and injury prevention

Given the high physical demands of ballet, injury prevention and rehabilitation are integral parts of Copeland's routine. In her book, Misty highlights her commitment to physical therapy and cross-training exercises that help strengthen her muscles, improve her posture, and prevent injuries. She works closely with a team of healthcare professionals, including physical therapists and nutritionists to ensure her body remains resilient and capable of enduring the demands of her profession.

How can Calendars come in handy?

  • Create tasks for physical therapy exercises and cross-training routines.
  • Assign due dates or specific time slots for completing these tasks.
  • Set reminders to ensure regular engagement in injury prevention activities.
  • Include appointments with healthcare professionals, such as physical therapists and nutritionists, as calendar events.

Recovery and recharge: the best thing for the body

Despite her rigorous schedule, Copeland recognizes the importance of rest and recovery. She prioritizes getting an adequate amount of sleep each night, allowing her body to rejuvenate and repair. Copeland's commitment to self-care extends beyond sleep, as she also incorporates therapeutic activities such as massages, ice baths, and relaxation techniques into her routine to promote physical and mental well-being.

Can Calendars help a world-renowned ballerina take a rest?

  • Schedule regular time slots for rest and recovery activities.
  • Create reminders for prioritizing sleep and setting a consistent sleep schedule.
  • Assign a specific color code to therapeutic activities like massages, ice baths, and relaxation techniques.
  • Set reminders to encourage engaging in these activities and prioritizing self-care.


Misty Copeland's rise to prominence as a world-renowned ballerina is a testament to her unwavering dedication and disciplined routine. Through a meticulously planned daily schedule that encompasses training, nutrition, injury prevention, and self-care, Copeland has established herself as an icon in the world of ballet. Her commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration to aspiring dancers and highlights the significance of discipline and resilience in achieving one's dreams. The famous quote 'the impossible is nothing' rings true here; to conquer the peaks of this world, one needs to follow a disciplined schedule, love the process, and adhere to a schedule as diligently laid out in the Calendars app. 

While a theoretical possibility of Misty Copeland to use Calendars is an inspirational example of how this app can streamline a demanding schedule, remember that you don't have to be a world-renowned ballerina to make the most of this versatile tool. Whether you're a student, a busy parent, an entrepreneur, or anyone looking to organize your day more effectively, Calendars can provide the structure and reminders you need to optimize your time and achieve your goals.

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