Calendars 5 adds the biggest update (share to win 5 promo codes)

Today we release Calendars 5.3 , the biggest update yet. It's focused on scheduling meetings, inviting people to events and replying to invitations from others. These activities are very important for any person who uses Calendars at work.

Calendars 5.3 does not simply add an ability to invite people , it makes this process as natural as possible. We believe that among mobile application Calendars 5 has the most intuitive system for inviting other people to events.

Just type "Meet with Ben Roberts" and the application will automatically suggest you to invite Ben Roberts and send an invitation to his email address if you have it in your address book. If you don't have Ben's email you can add it immediately and invite him right away.


The same is true for places . Adding "Meet with Ben Roberts at Starbucks" will show you the list of all nearest Starbucks cafes. You can choose the right place with a single tap without switching your attention to a special "Select Place" dialog.
That's why Calendars 5.3 ‘Smart Input' is so much superior to any other calendar application available on the App Store.

Notifications centre — is a brand new feature too. When you receive a new invitation you'll see a notification icon that you can tap to look through the meeting details. Once there, just reply ‘Going, Maybe or No' to let the event organiser know whether you're going to attend.

Calendars 5 - Notification Center

Sometimes meeting invitations come as emails instead of going directly to your calendar. In that case import ICS files attached to these emails and add the corresponding event to your calendar.


Also, we've added Google and Yandex maps support that were requested by our users many times.


Calendars 5.3 is a free update to all owners of Calendars 5.
In free version of Calendars , these new features are available as in-app purchases.


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