Calendars by Readdle Adds Outlook (Exchange) Integration and Lets You Connect Multiple Accounts

Calendars by Readdle is a beautiful calendar and planner app for iPhone and iPad that helps millions of people organize their lives. At Readdle, we constantly work to improve your calendar experience and help you win back your time. With the latest update, you can add your Outlook (Exchange) calendar directly in Calendars as well as use multiple calendar accounts at once.

Update Calendars by Readdle now and let’s dive in!

Direct integration with Outlook (Exchange) calendars

We’ve designed Calendars as a smart personal assistant to help busy professionals take control of their schedules. The direct Outlook (Exchange) support is a vital improvement for thousands of people who use Calendars by Readdle with their corporate accounts.

Previously, connecting your Outlook (Exchange) calendar to Calendars was a pretty cumbersome task. You had to add your account in the iOS system settings, and then sync it with Calendars via Apple’s Calendar (aka Local calendars). This was a deal-breaker for many people who wanted to keep private and work life separate and didn’t wish to add corporate accounts to their personal devices.

Now, you can quickly connect your Outlook (Exchange) calendar directly in Calendars by Readdle. Just open the settings in Calendars and tap Add Account > Exchange. With the native Exchange support, the whole calendar experience has become more smooth and stable, so adding attendees and changing event location works like a charm. 

Support for multiple calendar accounts

Calendars by Readdle has always offered you to connect a single Google account. To access all your other calendars, you had to add them to your iPhone in the iOS settings and sync via Local calendars. This procedure was pretty unobvious and required lots of extra steps. Many users requested an option to add multiple accounts right in the app, and we’re delighted to bring it.

You can now easily connect multiple Google, iCloud, and Outlook (Exchange) accounts directly in the app. Just tap Settings > Add Account and pick the desired provider. 

Calendars doesn’t limit the number of accounts you can connect. Feel free to add your personal Google calendar along with a corporate G Suite account, connect a bunch of Exchange calendars, or just enjoy your iCloud. This is a great way to keep all your important tasks and events at hand, without digging in the system settings or dealing with Apple’s built-in calendar.

An option to connect multiple accounts is available in the PRO version of Calendars by Readdle and in Calendars 5. Learn more about the difference between the two versions of the app.

At Readdle, our goal is to empower everyone to become more productive, and the Calendars update is an important step in this direction. Calendars by Readdle is a smart and beautiful assistant that helps you get the most out of your day and devote more time to meaningful things.

Our team is building the most beautiful and effortless calendar, and many exciting updates will follow soon. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter!

Download Calendars by Readdle for free and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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