Readdle Launches Documents for M1 Macs — The First Super App for Desktop

TL;DRReaddle is launching Documents for M1 Macs. You’ll be able to download Documents from the Mac App Store on Macs running Apple Silicon and enjoy all the same amazing features as the iPad version — including a built-in VPN and advanced PDF editing capabilities.

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Documents by Readdle is the super app where all your files come to life. Not only can you manage all your files stored on the device & in the cloud, you can also listen to music, watch videos, read books, edit PDFs, protect your privacy with a built-in VPN and lots more, all within Documents. It saves you the hassle of switching between multiple apps, so Documents is the only app you need for your files. For over a decade, Documents has been an immensely popular app for iPhones and iPads and over 75 million people have downloaded it on their iOS devices.

Last summer, Documents was one of the few incredible apps that Apple showcased during WWDC ‘20 as an example of an iOS app running on a Mac. Apple had just announced its first steps in transitioning to Apple Silicon and in the coming months, the company would launch the first set of Macs running on its own chips — what we today know as the M1 Macs. These Macs offer immense power and features, with the flexibility of bringing iOS apps to the Mac with minimum effort. M1 Macs also enable the huge potential available on desktop computers. So naturally, bringing Documents to the Macs was inevitable.

Today, Readdle is bringing all the amazing features of Documents to macOS with the launch of Documents for M1 Macs.

Super App for File Actions on a Mac

Documents by Readdle is the single app where your files live. It lets you manage and organize all your files in one place, and with its abundant support for file types, you’ll rarely ever need to use anything else.

Documents is an Advanced File Manager on your Mac

With Documents, not only can you neatly organize your files into folders & subfolders, but you can also connect different cloud storage accounts and Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, etc. and access your files from these services. If you have multiple accounts, you can connect them all.

Unlike the Finder, you can quickly upload or download files between your Mac and Cloud services through a native UI without needing a 3rd party app.

Documents also supports over 40 file formats, many of which cannot be opened by the default apps available on your Mac (for e.g.: .flac, .mkv, .avi, .rar). So Documents also helps you avoid downloading unnecessary apps and cluttering up your Mac just to open these files.

Documents is the world’s fastest VPN on your Mac

Documents comes with a built-in VPN functionality that has been rated as the world’s fastest VPN by Ookla Speedtest. Privately connect to any of the global locations and enjoy the music, movies, or TV shows you love.

This VPN works across all the apps on your Mac, not just within Documents. So once connected, you can rest assured that your online activity is kept private and secure.

Documents is a beautiful Media Player on your Mac

Documents comes with a smart and beautiful media player that can play all kinds of popular audio and video files. It supports a wide range of formats and allows you to play both local and stream remote files. There are a host of features in the video player that you'll quickly get hooked to, such as the ability to extract audio from video files, gesture controls, subtitles, native streaming to AirPlay and Chromecast devices, etc.

On the audio side of things, the media player in Documents lets you edit the metadata in songs so you can have them just right. The lock screen player can be customized depending on what kind of media you frequently listen to, such as having previous/next buttons for songs, and go back X seconds and skip forward X seconds for audiobooks or podcasts.

Documents has a feature-rich built-in browser

Although the Mac has plenty of good options for full-fledged web browsers, sometimes you just want to quickly download a file or two and Documents helps you avoid the hassle of switching between apps for such a trivial task. The built-in browser in Documents supports all the features you’d typically need (bookmarks, tabbed-browsing, download manager, etc.) and even includes Private Browsing.

The downloaded files get saved to the destination of your choice, configured in the browser’s settings. Once you start using it, you’ll never want to download files using anything else.

Documents has lots more up its sleeve

In addition to the above, Documents has plenty of amazing features up its sleeve. You can store and view entire photo libraries and view them at your convenience. The ‘Mark up’ mode allows you to annotate images as you want. And the built-in PDF editor lets you work with PDF files like a pro.

How to Get Documents for M1 Macs?

Documents for M1 Macs is available from the Mac App Store. Here’s how you can get Documents by Readdle for Free for your M1 Mac.

  1. Launch the Mac App Store.
  2. Search for ‘Documents by Readdle’ using the Search field at the top left.
  3. In the search results on the right, click on the ‘iPhone & iPad Apps’ tab.

  1. Click ‘Get’ next to the Documents by Readdle listing to begin downloading the app.
  2. Once downloaded, click on 'Open' to launch the app.

Learn more about running iOS apps on Mac

If you already use Documents on your iPhone and iPad, you’ll feel right at home on the Mac. What’s more, if you subscribe to Documents Plus on iOS, you’ll have all the premium features available to you on the Mac as well at no additional cost. Enjoy the same desktop-class PDF editing, the world’s fastest built-in VPN, and lots more... now on your Mac.

Over the last few years, Documents has evolved from an app for file storage into a super app for all your files. We’ve been hard at work building Documents into a powerful experience that saves you the hassle of switching between apps, and with today’s release bringing Documents to M1 Macs, we’re delighted to begin this new chapter for the desktop experience as well.

Download Documents for free from the Mac App Store. We’re eager to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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