Goodbye, Printer Pro!

Sometimes the business of building the best apps means tough decisions. At Readdle, we regularly review our apps to assess which ones bring the most value to our users. As a company, we must focus on products that are innovative and can improve people’s lives at scale. We’ve decided to discontinue Printer Pro, so we can devote our time and resources to strengthening Spark, PDF Expert, Calendars, Scanner Pro, Documents, and possible new apps, which will continue to help you thrive productively.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to halt further product updates to Printer Pro. Although we’ll be removing it for further download on the App Store and won’t release further updates, existing customers will of course be able to continue using the app.

Printer Pro is one of our oldest products. It’s been around for 11 years and achieved over five million downloads, helping people effortlessly print anything from their mobile. We know some of you have been with us on our journey for a long time and still get value from Printer Pro on a daily basis (even our own office printer refuses to work without Printer Pro 🙂, so we understand that change can be hard!).

What does this mean for you?

  1. If you have Printer Pro, you can still use it on all your devices – there’s nothing to worry about.
  2. The last product update for Printer Pro featured iOS 15 compatibility. This guarantees the app will work for at least a year, until the next major iOS update. Even at this point, we hope that the new iOS will continue to support it.
  3. Printer Pro will be removed from sale on the App Store. If you bought the app in the past, you can download it under the “Purchased” section on the App Store.

Thank you for being with us! At Readdle, we’re committed to building world-class productivity apps. If you loved Printer Pro, we hope you’ll find value in other Readdle products. We’d love to stay in touch and offer you great discounts on our other market-leading products. 

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