Smart Eraser: One tap from an imperfect photo to one you love

It doesn’t take much to spoil a great photo. It's an experience we've all had: a random person in the background, a brightly colored object, or an unexpected construction site can ruin the shot you thought was perfect. Traditionally, removing these distractions required time, software full of ads, and a good deal of photo editing expertise. If you’re short on any of the above, we have the perfect solution for you. 

We’re introducing Smart Eraser, designed to address these exact scenarios by removing or masking distracting elements from your photos. We packaged all the steps that it would take to make similar edits in traditional retouching software into a single tap, thanks to our AI technology.

With Apple's recent announcement of its own “Clean Up” tool, it's clear that AI-powered photo editing is becoming a standard. While users with an iPhone 15 or later will be able to experience this feature in the native Photos app with the upcoming iOS 18, you don't have to wait. With Documents, you can try our powerful Smart Eraser right now.

Smart Eraser: AI-powered object eraser on iPhone

With the right editing tools, your photos can really shine. Smart Eraser is our latest addition to the list and another significant AI-powered tool in our app.

It helps you remove distractions in your photos, like unwanted people or power lines, so you can delete them in just a few taps. Smart Eraser can take photos you've shot and remove any extraneous people or objects in the background, giving you an edited version that's a closer match to the picture you had envisioned.

Smart Eraser's appeal lies in its simplicity. Removing people from a photo is as easy as tapping them, and objects can be wiped out by drawing over them. Any photo can be fixed, even if it was taken with another camera. Whether you're a social media enthusiast, a professional photographer, or someone who loves creating personal photo collections, Smart Eraser is here to help you achieve picture-perfect results.

Smart Eraser is the result of significant research and development by our team, leveraging advanced visual AI understanding and machine learning.

"Smart Eraser is our latest AI-powered feature, allowing you to remove unwanted objects from photos in a snap.", says Eugene Plokhoj, our Head of Product. "With Documents, we have crafted a unique multitool that transforms features into people's superpowers, with AI being a crucial part of our vision. And we're not stopping there! Soon, we will introduce even more AI-powered capabilities, all bundled with the convenient user experience you expect from Readdle."

How to use Smart Eraser and erase unwanted objects on Documents

Like our other features, Smart Eraser is incredibly user-friendly and can be accessed from multiple points within the Documents app – including the Photo Tab, Photo Albums, Smart Actions, and even while downloading images through extensions.

Here’s how you can create perfect images in just a few simple steps:

  • Select the element: use your finger to choose the object you want to remove, ensuring you include the entire object and its shadow or reflection. For small objects or detailed edits, zoom in to make precise selections and ensure a clean finish.
  • Remove and enhance: With a single tap, Smart Eraser uses AI to detect and fill in the background, creating a seamless and natural-looking photo.
  • Once your photo is perfect, you can immediately use it or further enhance it within the Documents app. Convert, add to PDF, or use any other feature within this all-in-one application.

Download: Smart Eraser is now available on Documents

Documents helps you get the most out of your iPhone by managing, editing, and sharing your digital content with ease and precision. And over the past few years, we’ve continuously added innovative tools like Audio and Video Transcription and Air Gestures to enhance our app. The introduction of the Smart Eraser AI feature is a continuation of our commitment to providing a comprehensive multitool app that millions of users rely on.

Smart Eraser is starting to roll out today in Documents. Premium users can use it for free. Not a premium user yet? Sign up for a free 7-day trial and experience Smart Eraser.

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