From clutter to clarity: meet Inbox 2.0 in Documents

Over the months, your iPhone gradually accumulates files. A business email attachment last week, an interesting report you downloaded for later, those vacation photos your friend shared via messenger a month ago. Slowly, without even realizing it, your digital becomes a jumbled mess, like an attic filled with years of memories.

What if there was a sanctuary where every file, no matter its origin, automatically finds its rightful place? That's precisely what we've created with Inbox 2.0 in Documents.


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Uncluttered digital space: meet the new Inbox 2.0

Inbox is your digital assistant, gathering all your incoming files in one tidy space. It's not just about keeping files; it's about decluttering your digital world. 

Inbox offers you advanced file management tools that feel just right. Not only does it help reduce the stress of file chaos by highlighting pending actions or offering filters by time, date, and type, but its intuitive design also stands out, making file management a breeze.

But there's more. We've crafted the Inbox 2.0 to ease your digital stress. Here's what makes Inbox 2.0 an organizational game-changer:

  • Swipes: manage files with a simple gesture. Swipe right for actions, left for deletion.
  • Read/Unread statuses: stay informed with handy indicators pointing out untouched files, ensuring you never miss a thing.
  • Empty States: Inbox encourages you to get things done, aiming for that rewarding sight of a decluttered space. Relish in the tranquility of a tidy, organized space.
  • Push Notifications: get timely reminders for files that need your review.

Welcome to stress-free file management

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to streamlined efficiency. Unpacking the magic behind Inbox 2.0 starts with understanding its core. It is designed around five foundational principles: capture, clarify, organize, reflect, and engage.

Our goal? To motivate you to get things done, guiding you towards that satisfying "tasks completed" empty space. 


No more jumping between email attachments, browser downloads, or chat media. Everything you save now funnels directly into one central hub: the Inbox. Positioned at the heart of Documents, it guarantees that every file you get is captured and stored safely, ensuring your "My Files" section remains easy and clutter-free.

Downloads have been reimagined. With the seamless incorporation of Inbox within the "My Files" section, every downloaded file instantly finds its rightful place, making access more intuitive.


Once captured, understanding your files becomes paramount. Inbox 2.0 assists in discerning the essence of each file, ensuring they are not just randomly stored but clearly labeled and categorized for subsequent actions. 


With Inbox, you're given advanced tools that transform your organizing routine. Use drag-and-drop, bulk actions, easy copying, and direct cloud support. Unsure about a file's place? Let it stay in the Inbox until you're ready to decide.


Stay in the loop with each file. With push notifications and intuitive read/unread statuses, Inbox 2.0 encourages consistent file revisitation, ensuring you're always proactive in your digital organization. A strategy to avoid the clutter.


But the Inbox experience doesn’t end with storage. Dive into your files, interacting in ways you never thought possible. Listen, watch, edit, or annotate — the built-in functionalities in Documents ensure your files aren’t just stored, but truly come alive.

At Documents, our mission is to turn complexity into simplicity. With Inbox 2.0, we aim to give you greater control over your files, reducing the stress of managing them. So, trust Inbox with your files and step into a streamlined digital experience.

The Readdle Team The Readdle Team


The multi-tool app millions rely on

Work better. Learn faster. Stay organized.

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