Meet "Ultimate Productivity Bundle" by Readdle

We are really excited to announce that our first bundle goes live today!


Ultimate Productivity Bundle by Readdle — that's how we call it and how you see in on the App Store. By the way, Apple has featured our bundle as an essential one in their first iOS 8 editorial collection.

The whole bundle consists of 4 flagship apps — PDF Expert 5, Scanner Pro, Printer Pro and Calendars 5. The whole idea is to allow you save big, while buying apps from one developer. The total price of all apps is $27 if you buy them separately, but the bundle will cost you $19.99 . Not only do you save up to 30% with Readdle's bundle, but also you get an amazing set of productivity apps. Moreover, our apps are deeply connected with each other, and this brings your workflow to the whole new level!

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If you are not familiar with apps in Ultimate Productivity Bundle :
PDF Expert 5 — Ultimate PDF editing and management app.
Scanner Pro — Turn your iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner.
Printer Pro — Print anything right from your iPhone or iPad.
Calendars 5 — Smart calendar with tasks.

All apps are super popular on the App Store and have millions of users worldwide. But the beauty comes when you use them all together for the single task. For example, you want to sign and edit an agreement and print a new one with edits.

Readdle Synergy.
Bundle comes handy.

You can create PDF file using Scanner Pro — by scanning the document. Right in Scanner Pro you can tap "Annotate" button which Automatically opens PDF Expert 5. It allows you to highlight important words, add text, sign and even stamp this document. Once done, hit Print button in PDF Expert 5 menu and pick "Printer Pro" as an app to print. The very same document with all annotations will be opened in Printer Pro, so that you can select printing options and print wirelessly right away. Open Calendars 5 and write or say "Meet John at 5 PM tomorrow at Starbucks to give the document away" and it'll automatically create an event in your schedule. Done! Isn't it amazing?

This is just one of hundreds of possible use cases you might have. This bundle was created to help you, to make you more productive with your iPhone or iPad, being away from the office. We hope that you love what we've done.

P.S. If you already have any of Readdle apps that are in the bundle, App Store allows you to "Complete My Bundle" with a single click. By doing so, you can save big on other Readdle apps.

Get Ultimate Productivity Bundle by Readdle here .

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