Take control of your time like never before: New Calendars app for Apple Watch

Starting today, we’re rolling out a new and improved experience for Calendars users on Apple Watch. This means you’ll be able to more easily see your agenda, as well as create or edit events from the watch itself. The latest update also brings a sleek and modern design, complete with larger artwork and animations, as well as additional functionalities such as improved complications on Apple Watch faces.

Effortlessly manage your time when you’re on the go

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, technology should work for you. As you move through the day, Calendars is there to help you get things done across your devices. Whether you’re working out, studying, or commuting to work, the Calendars app on Apple Watch provides you the possibility to quickly check your agenda right from your wrist. And people who love to check their agenda will be able to see it at a glance without pulling out the phone, along with options for quick access to the monthly calendar.

You can receive invites and updates on your appointments on the go and easily reply directly from your watch. The Calendars app on your watch syncs with your phone, so your agenda always stay up to date. And there are more ways to customize your home screen!

Introducing the sleek new Calendars app with the best Apple Watch faces

The redesigned Calendars app features an intuitive and functional design that will seamlessly integrate with Apple Watch's distinctive technology, delivering effortless connectivity and a sense of control leaving you the choice to use the most convenient device at the time. 

Whether you’re walking, cycling, or reading, you can access your agenda by simply looking at your watch. By using watch faces, you can automatically from your wrist set one of our watch faces. 

We know that selecting the right watch face for your Apple Watch is crucial when it comes to tailoring and customizing it according to your preferences. It's imperative that the chosen watch face complements your personal style, exhibits the information that holds the utmost importance to you, and has an appealing appearance. For that reason, we offer a selection of 6 pre-designed Apple Watch faces for you to choose from. The easiest way to install one of these watch faces is to click on the following download link on your iPhone and allow the download to begin. 

Time Boss Ultimate Productivity Health Time
Workout Buddy Happy Hours Weekend Vibes

One of the major concerns when applying a new watch face is the fear that it may overwrite or delete existing watch faces on your device. However, with our watch faces, you can rest assured that your existing watch faces will remain safe and unchanged. When you apply one of our watch faces, it will simply be added to the watch face list on your Apple Watch and set as the current one. You will still be able to easily select any of your previously added watch faces, along with the new one from our collection.

This feature ensures that you can enjoy our watch faces without having to worry about losing any of your existing watch faces, and makes it easier than ever to switch between different watch faces whenever you want.

Worried about missing appointments but don't want to install an entirely new watch face? No problem. You can add easily one or two of our Calendar’s complications! 

If you're new to the Apple Watch, you may not be familiar with this concept. Complications are small snippets of information or shortcuts to apps that can be added to a watch face. At Calendars, we have done our best to design useful complications, which we like to call "simplifications" because they simplify your time management. You can easily add Calendars complications to your favorite watch face to access important calendar information.

Adding one of our "simplifications" to your watch face is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. Start by long-tapping on your Apple Watch screen and selecting "edit" to enter the watch face editing mode. Next, choose the space where you want to place our complication, which can either be an empty space or a space where a current complication is already present. 

The most important step is to scroll down to find the Calendars (blue) option and select the complication offered for the space you have chosen. Since Calendars appears after Apple Calendar, be sure to scroll to the right place and check that the icon near Calendars is ours. Once you have selected our complication, simply finish editing and enjoy having quick and easy access to important calendar information right on your watch face.

More than a pretty (inter)face

Beyond the user interface, we’re continuing to make Calendars more powerful and practical. We are dedicated to delivering simplicity and convenience to our users, which is why we have streamlined our Apple watch app to offer two essential calendar views - the agenda (list view) and a minimalistic month view. Our redesigned Apple Watch interface makes it simple to control your agenda, and you can easily switch between different views to suit your needs. 

With this in mind, we also offer a task list view that allows you to mark completed tasks, edit, and delete them on the go. Whether you're working out or commuting, you'll be able to see all your appointments and tasks on your screen, saving you time and hassle. 

As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with useful tools, we’ve also brought you more control. You’ll be able to quickly review what’s next on your agenda, accept and decline a meeting invite and even create new events or reminders.

For example, if you’re in a rush, the app lets you view a summary of the time left till your event end, along with making adjustments to current events. Finally, you can still activate notifications on your Apple Watch to avoid missing any important events. 

The simplest way to stay organized is here on Apple Watch

Since launching our first version, we’ve integrated simplicity and ease of use into everything we do. We are focused on helping all our users in situations when using a phone or laptop is inconvenient, by providing them with our Apple Watch app. With now even more intuitive and accessible ways to check your agenda on your wrist, Calendars can help you make the most of your time. 

The new version is now rolled out to all users via the Apple Store. You’ll need the latest version of our iOS app to get the refreshed Apple Watch experience.

Download Calendars

Accessing the Calendars Watch app does not require any extra cost from your side. However, some features won’t be available without a Calendars Pro subscription.

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