Elevate your audio experience with professional audio editing in Documents

As a community, we've seen how fond you are of using Documents for all your audio-related activities - from immersing yourself in music, to indulging in audiobooks, engaging with meditation tracks, and relaxing with calming sounds. Your audio needs and feedback have always been paramount to us, which is why we've been hard at work developing a new feature to enhance your audio experience in Documents.

Today, we're pleased to announce the introduction of Professional Audio Editing capabilities right within Documents. This is a significant step towards enhancing your audio management and consumption experience in Documents, making your subscription even more valuable. And rest assured, this is just the beginning — stay tuned for more professional audio actions, as we continue to innovate and expand these features.

Turn up the bass on features

Here's a detailed breakdown of the robust features you can expect from our new Professional Audio Editing:

Trim & Cut

Ever been frustrated with lengthy intros, outros, or random sections in an audio file that you'd rather skip? Our trim and cut feature is your solution. Whether you're planning to transcribe an audio file, craft a custom ringtone, or simply make your listening experience more enjoyable, our easy-to-use trim and cut feature will help you remove any unwanted sections in a snap.

Remove silence

Silence may be golden, but not when you're in the middle of a riveting lecture, speech, or concert recording. Remove dead air from your audio files to make them more engaging and polished. Our 'remove silence' feature ensures your audio content cuts straight to the point, delivering an uninterrupted listening experience.

Export to other audio formats

Once you're done editing, Documents lets you export your audio files into a variety of formats, tailored to your needs. 

Redefining your audio universe

Our new audio editing feature makes Documents the complete solution for all your audio needs. You no longer need to download multiple apps or tolerate annoying ads for your audio modifications. Nor do you need to duplicate the original file, cluttering your device with redundant apps and files. Documents now lets you tune your tracks and keep your device clutter-free in one fell swoop.

As for the details, our Professional Audio Editing is part of the Documents Plus subscription, available for $9.99/month after a 70-day trial. All existing paid users will receive access to these features free of charge. We display the paywalls after a tap on a paid feature inside the audio editor.

But don't worry, we're also planning some experiments to give you even more flexibility, including allowing up to three free actions and a 'preview mode' where you can experiment with modifications before you commit to saving the changes.

Dive into the audio experience

We're excited for you to start exploring and leveraging these new tools. So go ahead and dive in! We can't wait to hear about the audio content you'll create using the power of Professional Audio Editing in Documents.

The Readdle Team The Readdle Team

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