Readdle Stories: how Spark supports Martin Whitley's recycled racehorse and falconry business

Spark user Martin Whitley is no ordinary business owner. He and his wife Philippa combine their expertise working with retired racehorses with their love of falconry to create delightful experiences for the public.

Their ‘Recycled Racehorse Falconry Team’ has been going for nine years, in addition to their original business, Dartmoor Hawking in Devon, UK.

“What gets me up in the morning is the chance to introduce people to something new and take them into a world where animals are working with them," says Martin.

Choosing Spark means he and his wife have a fast, reliable email app that helps them prioritize essential tasks, enhance focus, and stay on top of frequent customer communications. 

The daily routine

A regular day’s work for Martin might involve cantering gently on horseback and handling birds of prey at country shows, riding club events, and private events.

He and his team also offer tuition in the art of falconry, which includes teaching enthusiasts how to catch and carry hawks correctly while in the saddle.

In doing so, they give racehorses who might otherwise be cast aside or sold for slaughter a second lease of life. 

“We work with racehorses when they’ve reached the end of their racing career,” says Martin.

“We train them to work with our eagles, hawks, and falcons, combining the ancient arts of riding and falconry in a way suited to the modern world.

“Our mission is to show people how versatile the well-retrained racehorse can be. Falconry from horseback is like no other experience on the planet!”

The benefits of using Spark for business 

Needless to say, Martin's two businesses in Devon, UK, are extremely popular, and they’re flooded with customer inquiries, which is where Spark comes in super handy.

“Spark simplifies my mailbox while combining different personal and business accounts into a workable view,” explains Martin. “It’s essential for keeping on top of everything. 

“My favorite Spark features are sorting and grouping emails and the ability to block unwanted domains. Plus the fact I can snooze emails to a date when they can be dealt with or be relevant.”

Martin’s tip for email management is simple and practical.

“Make sure you set time each day to do your emails. I try to finish each day with an empty inbox.”

Essentially, having Spark up his sleeve means Martin has more time to devote to doing what he enjoys best. 

He adds: “My mission is also to show how versatile racehorses can be when their racing careers are over, and they’re given an adventurous new job.”

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