Scanner Pro Adds Smart Categories to Help You Find Your Scans Faster

TL;DR — Scanner Pro’s latest update adds a Smart Categories feature that automatically sorts & labels your documents by category, such as Bills, Invoices, Books, Magazines, etc. This makes it easier to find the scan you’re looking for, without the need to manually organize all your documents.


Scanner Pro by Readdle turns your iPhone and iPad into portable digital scanners, letting you take a photo and create a high-quality digital scan of any piece of paper from anywhere. With Scanner Pro, you can digitize all the documents you may frequently need, such as your ID cards (driving license, passport, library cards, etc.) or other documents like insurance policies, receipts, etc. However, the more documents you create, the more difficult it gets to organize & manage the clutter.

Have you ever needed to find your scanned passport at the airport and had to spend several minutes trying to locate it on your phone, all while people behind you in the queue get annoyed at you? We've all been in situations where we're frantically trying to find certain documents on our devices, but locating them takes forever. Our new Scanner Pro release is here to help.

Today, we’re delighted to launch an update to Scanner Pro that introduces Smart Categories — a new feature that automatically sorts & organizes your documents by categories like Invoices, Receipts, Forms, Business Cards, etc.

Grab the latest Scanner Pro update and let us see how the new Smart Categories feature helps you.

Taking the ‘Work’ out of Paperwork

Scanner Pro has helped create millions of high-quality, professional-looking scans using iPhone & iPad cameras. Our customers use Scanner Pro to create & store all kinds of important documents such as letters, ID cards, bills, receipts, invoices, books & magazines, forms, recipes, etc. — the list goes on. In Scanner Pro 8, we made improvements to how you can organize & find your documents and with today’s release, we’re making it even easier to find your documents by making Scanner Pro do all the heavy-lifting for you.

We understand how tiring and time-consuming it would be to manually organize the hundreds of scanned documents in Scanner Pro into folders and carefully name them so they’re easier to find. That’s why we’re introducing Smart Categories in Scanner Pro. Scanner Pro now automatically recognizes & labels your documents by category, so they’re easier to locate when you’re looking for them.

Every time you create a new scan, Scanner Pro automatically labels the document based on its contents into one of the following categories:

  • Receipt
  • Invoice
  • Form
  • Book
  • ID Card
  • Business Card
  • Passport
  • Magazine
  • Music Sheet
  • Note
  • Other

In case the app gets it wrong, you can always manually choose the right category. You can also optionally help us improve Smart Categories by sharing the miscategorised document.

Effortless Searches with Smart Categories

Thanks to Smart Categories, you’ll find that the search experience in Scanner Pro has also vastly improved. Now when you’re searching for a document, you can search for a category like ‘Invoice’ or ‘Form’ or ‘Magazine’ and see all the documents that were smartly categorized by us.

Even if your document’s name does not include the word ‘Invoice’ or ‘Book’, you’ll find the relevant documents listed under a new ‘By Categories’ section in the search results, in addition to the existing ‘By Title’ and ‘By Text’. And with Text Vision — the OCR feature we introduced in Scanner Pro 8, you can search for any text string to find the exact document you’re looking for. All these little improvements help you find your documents a lot faster, without any hassles.

Scanner Pro with Smart Categories is available for Free on the App Store. Some features like Text Vision (OCR), full-text searching, smart workflows, and auto-upload to cloud destinations require a Scanner Pro Plus subscription, priced at $19.99/year. There’s a Free 7-day trial to help you get started.

Exciting New Things are Coming

The work that we’ve put into building Smart Categories lays the foundation for tons of exciting new features & possibilities to come in Scanner Pro. Imagine no longer needing to manually name your documents because Scanner Pro automatically named them based on the category label. Imagine if Scanner Pro smartly suggested useful info that is automatically extracted from the document based on its category.

Our team is working on some incredible new features, and we’re always happy to hear feedback from you. What are some cool new features you can think of in Scanner Pro? Let us know in the comments.

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