Scanner Pro Adds Shadow Removal to Level Up the Quality of your Scans

TL;DR. Scanner Pro updates with the new shadow removal algorithm to help you take perfect scans in any lighting and quickly improve the quality of your old scans.

Scanner Pro is Readdle’s powerful scanning app for iPhone & iPad, used by millions of people worldwide. Back in 2009, Scanner Pro created a whole category of digitizing paper with mobile. We still keep improving the app and implementing new technologies to make sure you always get high-quality scans from your paper receipts, books, and documents.

Today, we’re excited to show you the new shadow removal algorithm which helps you make amazing scans in any lighting. The update is available for free in both Scanner Pro and Scanner Mini.

Update Scanner Pro now, and let’s dive in!

How Shadow Removal works

Finding perfect lighting to scan a book page or a receipt can be a real pain. When you’re scanning something in artificial light, shadows can make parts of the scan unreadable. And sometimes it’s tricky to avoid casting a shadow with your hand holding a phone above a document. With Scanner Pro, you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

The new algorithm automatically works on a camera and erases shadows when you scan a document in the Black & White or Color Document mode. Just scan everything as you always did before, and technology takes care of the rest.

Let’s see Shadow Removal in action! 

Here, we wanted to quickly digitize a number of exercises from the Grammar textbook. Despite the large shadow on the left and the dim electric lighting, Scanner Pro has produced a clean PDF file and saved us a ton of time.

Now, let’s increase the difficulty level. We’ve taken a pretty creased headphones instruction and scanned it in the kitchen which is full of sunlight and dramatic shadows.

Although there are still some creases visible on the scan, it’s perfectly readable and easy to refer to on the go.

To show you how we’ve improved the algorithm, here are the results we’ve got with the old and the new versions of Scanner Pro.

In the center: The old version of the Scanner Pro; on the right: Scanner Pro with the new Shadow Removal

“We specifically designed this algorithm to remove large and deep shadows. Previously, the app could only erase small shadows and spots. Now, even if a shadow is pretty contrasting and occupies more than 30% of an image, Scanner Pro can deal with it,” says Andrii Denysov, the lead developer at Scanner Pro.

Shadow Removal is now powered by Metal, so you can enjoy a much faster scan processing and improved performance.

How to improve old scans with Shadow Removal

You can easily edit existing scans with the Shadow Removal algorithm. Here’s how:

  1. Open the desired scan.
  2. Tap Edit at the bottom right.
  3. Tap on the Colors icon.
  4. Pick either Black & White Document or Color Document

Your scan has just got that much deserved clean look!

Our team is eager to hear your feedback on the new Shadow Removal. Try it out on your receipts, books, documents and let us know what you think.

Get Scanner Pro and share your thoughts in the comments! 

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