Spark for iPad is here!

It's been a long run and we are super excited to announce a new major version of Spark !

Spark becomes a universal application, which means it will be available on all your iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Not only did we designed a great iPad version, but also improved the UI and localized the app in 9 languages.

If you are not familiar with Spark yet, it's a smart and fully customizable email client that allows you to work through your inbox faster than ever before. You can download Spark for free right now or check out our new shiny website .

For those who already use Spark we bring the most anticipated new features!

Best email for iPad and iPad Pro

Now you can put that shiny new iPad to use with a big new inbox view for you lucky iPad and iPad Pro owners. This is the best thing that ever happened to email on iPad.


"¿Dónde está la biblioteca?"

We sent Spark to language school and it came out top of its class. In just a couple of weeks it learnt English, German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese. We're so proud!


Magic across devices

Spark makes sure everything in your inbox is the same on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It's called "synchronization" and like Penn and Teller, it keeps everything magically organized in invisible boxes.


Powerful email on your wrist

Your friends might not understand why you bought that Apple Watch, but we do! It's so you can keep managing your emails even when you're eating your burrito. This update brings support for the latest Watch OS 2, so you can have lunch and manage email at the same time!


The Future of Spark

This is the biggest update to Spark yet! (Have you seen the size of that iPad Pro screen?!?). But, we're not stopping. The whole team is hard at work on Spark for desktop, so you'll soon be able to do magic with email from your desk.

We have a much bolder vision for Spark. So if you were worried if Spark is going to be around for long — the answer is yes. We plan to reshape the future of email and future of work with this product.

We've heard a lot of concerns from people who are worried on how Spark is going to earn money. We will introduce a business model targeted at teams while individual users will be able to use Spark for free.

Mailbox Replacement

Mailbox dies tomorrow and millions of people will be looking for a email replacement. We believe Spark is a great one. If you like Spark, I would appreciate you spreading the word and recommending it to your friends. :)


We would love to hear from you! So feel free to comment below or tweet us at @SparkMailApp .

Created with Love, Spark Team.

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