Dust off your Calendar for Spring

As winter gives way to the promise of spring, we get a fresh feeling of something good to come. We turn to simple yet usual rituals such as cleaning and decluttering our homes. The annual ritual of spring-cleaning is a time-honored tradition that dates back centuries, and still continues to inspire and motivate people today. There’s hardly a thing that could inspire more joy than the smell of blooming flowers, the view of crisp blue sky, and a tidy space to enjoy. 

But as we contemplate organizing and tidying our living spaces, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start.

Why do we love doing a spring-clean?

The answer can not be given in a sentence or two, but there are things, which aren’t doubtful: decluttering space positively influences our state of mind. Dr. David Tolin's studies have shed light on the impact of clutter on mental health. His research shows that living in a cluttered environment can increase stress, anxiety, and depression.

People who live in cluttered spaces have been found to have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, while people who enjoy the purity of space are happier and calmer and keep those feelings for the long run. Reaching the desired clean space around in a fast-changing tempo of modern life is possible with planning. To-do lists or our Calendars with dates marked can picture time in perspective along with simple daily tasks such as “washing car”. 

OK, why is it always about spring?

When it comes to the first rays of sunshine, the desire for change flourishes: there’s a feeling in the soul to start a new page. One reason is that spring brings a sense of renewal and optimism after the long winter. The longer days and warmer temperatures can boost people's mood and energy levels, making them more motivated to tackle new challenges.

Another reason is that the change in seasons can disrupt people's routines and habits, making them more flexible and open to trying new things. This can include starting a new exercise regimen, trying a new hobby, or embarking on a new life project.

On a biological level, the increase in sunlight during the spring can also have an impact on our bodies. Spring is the time of the season that turns out to be a powerful motivator for people to start new projects or activities, both on a psychological and biological level. 

Planning housework with Calendars

Now, let’s see how helpful Calendars can be in your spring journey to become a new and better version of yourself. Take Emma for example - a young professional with a full-time job, a passion for dance, and a heart as light as a feather for volunteering and helping people. She is a young woman on the move, and she needs a way to keep all her activities and responsibilities organized. 

Emma opens Calendars on Mac to see her availability and what's ahead today, this week, or month. She can color-code events for faster navigation and reschedule them with drag & drop. For Emma, it is more comfortable to build plans ahead on Mac; she knows it syncs with her iPhone so that everything she plans on the big screen will always be right at hand on her smaller mobile screen. Wherever she goes, she could take a look at her picture of the day or even the year. It helps her building habits.

Emma sets a reminder to buy window cleaning liquid after work, to be done after the labors of her work are complete. And when that time had come, she could, with the greatest ease, shift the event to a later hour or day by the simple dragging and dropping.

One of the best things about Calendars is that it connects all of Emma's calendars and tasks, bringing everything together in one place. It connects all of Emma's duties and deadlines, and gathers them together in one felicitous place! With but a single glance, she could survey all her obligations and find a sense of tranquillity. She no longer has to fret about failing to attend an important engagement or neglecting to buy groceries for the week. 

Creating events and tasks in Calendars is a breeze thanks to its super-intelligent natural language input. Emma can simply type in what she needs to do, and the app will create the event, with the right location and contact. Such as when Emma can type in "wash a mirror before going to dance class," and Calendars will remind her to do it before she heads out.

Calendars’ also serves as a friendly personal assistant for Emma. She can organize her work tasks, movies, or shopping list, add a due date, or make her task recurring. And Calendars will gently remind her in advance to get it done, ensuring that she never missed a crucial deadline or forgot a crucial errand. She can shift and rearrange her tasks and engagements with the greatest ease, be it online or off. Or, if she so desired, she could ask Siri to do it for her.

Overall, the use of Calendars can be your helping hand in planning for the cleansing of one's household in the springtime, and in staying organized. By breaking down the cleaning tasks into manageable portions and setting them in order beforehand, one could avoid the sensation of being overwhelmed and overburdened. And the sense of satisfaction gained from completing each task would provide a much-needed tonic for the health and well-being of one's mind and spirit. And a clear space for spring to come to all senses. 

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Vita Vypovska Vita Vypovska

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