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Scanner pro 4 turns the new iPad into a portable scanner

Apr 12, 2012

Readdle today introduced Scanner Pro 4, its popular scanning application, that transforms iPhone and the new iPad into a portable scanner. With this release Scanner Pro becomes a universal application, gets revamped iPad interface and adds instant image processing.

Scanner Pro captures the image of the document with the iPhone camera and processes this image to look like a scan from flatbed scanner. Smart image processing detects paper borders, crops unnecessary parts of the image, removes shadows, and saves the result as PDF file. Scans are stored locally on the iPhone and can be shared via email, uploaded to Dropbox and Evernote.

Scanner Pro 4 brings the scanning concept to the new iPad. Featuring 5 megapixel camera and high resolution retina display, the new iPad becomes an excellent tool to capture documents or receipts and go paperless. With the latest update Scanner Pro 4 becomes a universal app which runs on both iPhone and the new iPad.

With the large iPad screen in mind, the new Scanner Pro 4 was completely redesigned to streamline scanning and provide full control over the scans and sharing process. Automatic page border detection and instant image processing are combined with outstanding ease of use.

"The iPad version of Scanner Pro is a great opportunity to address the basics, the roots of how you can use the camera on the mobile device", said Igor Zhadanov, Readdle CEO. "Since 2009 Scanner Pro has got a tremendous feedback from our customers and now it is time to apply the best of the things we've learned during these years."

About Scanner Pro:
Initially released in 2009, Scanner Pro pioneered the concept of scanning documents with the iPhone camera. Since the release it quickly settled as one of the top 10 business applications for the iPhone in 20 countries. With over 350 000 users that rely on Scanner Pro regularly to scan documents, receipts and whiteboards, Scanner Pro continues to shape the future of scanning with mobile devices.