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Scanner Pro 4.1 is redesigned from the ground up and gets iCloud integration

Jul 5, 2012

Readdle has launched Scanner Pro 4.1, its latest update to a popular scanning application, that turns the new iPad and iPhone into portable scanners. The new version introduced a totally redesigned interface that streamlines scanning workflow on the iPhone, and gets iCloud integration to keep scans accessible from both iPad and iPhone.

The latest version sports a completely new interface on the iPhone, making scanning quicker and more efficient than ever before. With the updated set of tools scanning can be done in a few taps. Once the photo of the document is taken, Scanner Pro will identify the document edges and save the picture as either a greyscale, document or colour photographic scan. After the scan is saved on the iPhone, it can be emailed, sent to Dropbox, printed or even faxed worldwide.

Thanks to the new iCloud syncing, once the contract, receipt or letter is scanned using the iPhone, within seconds it will appear in Scanner Pro on the iPad. This can be fantastic, as on-the-go documents can be scanned using your iPhone, and then reviewed on the iPad’s larger screen later in the day. Scanner Pro 4.1 syncs scans between iPad and iPhone without any interaction from users. Everything is done automatically.

"A lot of thought went into the design of Scanner Pro 4.1. Every detail, button and tool was reworked to make scanning process as fast and reliable as it can be. iCloud integration in Scanner Pro is the next logical step to increase our user’s productivity and efficiency. The ability to access all scans from both iPhone and iPad is a huge lead for business professionals who need to stay flexible and paperless wherever they go". says Readdle CEO, Igor Zhadanov.

For best scanning results it is recommended to use devices with high quality cameras, which includes iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the new iPad.