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PDF Expert 4.1 brings SkyDrive, collaborative work to the iPad.

Jul 19, 2012

Readdle has released PDF Expert 4.1 for iPad, the new version of their popular application that allows people to annotate, sign PDF documents, and fill out PDF forms. PDF Expert 4.1 comes with Microsoft SkyDrive, Office 365 SharePoint support and Dropbox auto sync.

Designed for individuals, small businesses and enterprises, PDF Expert lets people annotate documents, fill out forms, and sign agreements on the iPad. PDF editing features and cloud storage access make PDF Expert an excellent tool for people who work on documents collaboratively. Thanks to auto sync, all changes made in the document are directly pushed to Dropbox or other storage.

With the upcoming Windows 8 release this fall, more than 10 millions of people will rely on Microsoft SkyDrive to access their files across PCs, Macs and mobile devices. PDF Expert 4.1 introduces SkyDrive connectivity with the automatic sync. All edits and annotations done on the iPad will be uploaded back to SkyDrive account immediately.

PDF Expert 4.1 integrates Office 365 SharePoint, a corporate collaboration platform, to let business professionals share and update documents directly from the iPad. With PDF Expert, employees can efficiently collaborate and share information with their team members, as well as access corporate documents having only their iPad at hand. PDF Expert makes the iPad a truly useful corporate device, enabling employees to stay connected on the go.

"Despite the fact that iPad adoption in business skyrocketed during the last two years, it's still sometimes challenging for the out of office worker to get the job done. With Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint and SkyDrive integration, PDF Expert 4.1 for the iPad makes collaborative work without the laptop truly possible." says Igor Zhadanov, Readdle CEO.

PDF Expert 4.1 lets people read PDF documents with embedded audio and video content, as well as create audio notes anywhere in the documents. Recording audio notes is a more convenient alternative to handwriting or typing text notes. While typing notes can take a great deal of time, audio recording can be created and attached to a PDF document instantly.