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PDF Expert 4.3 makes editing PDFs on the iPad easier, iOS 6 compatible

Sep 20, 2012

Today Readdle releases PDF Expert for iPad, a new version of a popular iPad application for reading, annotating, signing PDF documents and filling out PDF forms on the go. PDF Expert combines professional PDF editor and a powerful document reader in one application. The new version adds document tabs to easily work with multiple documents at once, the ability to save and use multiple signatures, fast sync with Dropbox and other cloud services.

PDF Expert for iPad is an indispensable tool for people who work with PDF files. With the focus on solving real-life tasks people deal with daily, the application includes all necessary tools to annotate documents and articles, make freehand drawings during lectures, sign contracts, fill out orders, insurance or tax forms.

The new version allows people to view multiple documents in conveniently organized tabs, making it easier to work on several documents. All opened files are visible at once and the user can quickly switch between them or rearrange opened documents with drag-and-drop.

PDF Expert syncs with Dropbox and other popular services like Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive. Users can download documents, annotate them and then push changes back to the cloud. PDF Expert 4.3 update brings up to 5 times faster transfer, dramatically reducing the time to push changes to the cloud.

"PDF Expert is extremely popular among students, teachers, lawyers, real estate agents and business professionals." says Igor Zhadanov, Readdle CEO. "Our mission is to deliver the best in class technology to millions of people who rely on it daily. PDF Expert has a perfect balance between power and ease of use"