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Readdle brings exceptional book reading experience to iPhone/iPod Touch

Dec 13, 2007, the leading provider of the book and document reader services for the iPhone and iPod Touch, announced the launch of major update to its Readdle web application, introducing offline document storage and new book reading capabilities.

Readdle is the first service that provides iPhone/iPod Touch owners with the access to their documents while they are offline. Users can easily create special MobileSafari bookmark that enables to read document later even without live Internet connection. The only limitation for this feature is the document size that should be less than 100kB.

Book reading experience using Readdle becomes very close to the stand-alone eBook readers thanks to the addition of page bookmarking that allows to remember the place where one was reading last time. The ability to change font size and adjust text background color settings was added as well. These enhancements available for any HTML, TXT, RTF and PDB(Plucker) books.

"We always undertand the critical role of bookmarking pages in a book and offline acces to the documents for people who read a lot. The addition of these functions makes Readdle the only web application capable to provide solid book reading experience to iPhone and iPod Touch owners," notes Igor Zhadanov, CEO.

Readdle is web-based book and document reader optimized for using on iPhone and iPod Touch. The service supports PDF, TXT, HTML and PDB(Plucker) files as well as MS Word and MS Excel documents, is currently FREE to use and provides 50MB free space for book upload per account. For people who don't have enough time to register Readdle features public bookshelf, a collection of classics that is accessible to anyone.