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ReaddleUp lets Mac users to access documents on the iPhone

Nov 6, 2007 announces the release of ReaddleUp, the software that allows people to make their electronic books, text files and business documents viewable at any place using their iPhone or iPod Touch.

To provide iPhone/iPod Touch owners with the access to their documents ReaddleUp integrates with the Readdle iPhone web application and serves as it's desktop front-end. Using ReaddleUp individuals can easily upload new files to their Readdle accounts using drag and drop. People that don't have active Readdle account can setup a new one directly from the application.

Readdle web application features iPhone native interface to navigate and read documents when browsing from an iPhone. Handy web interface accessible from any Mac or PC allows users to upload and manage files they want to view from a desktop computer even without ReaddleUp installed.

Readdle web service and ReaddleUp are currently FREE to use and provide 50MB free space for document upload per account.